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Trivia Quiz - Love Actually: Part Two

Good luck on the second half of my quiz on this fun, moving film, "Love Actually".

Quiz Number: 5155
Date Submitted: October 20, 2013
Quiz Categories: Romantic Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 74.6 percent
Times Taken: 35 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2

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Love Actually Part Two
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1. What food did Juliet take Mark when she asked to see his video of her wedding?
  A.   banoffee pie
  B.   Chunky Monkey ice cream
  C.   ginger snaps
  D.   pumpkin bread

2. What did the sign on Sam's door say after he decided how to get his favorite girl's attention?
  A.   Genius at work.
  B.   Knock before entering.
  C.   Leave me alone. I'm busy.
  D.   Rhythm is my life.

3. What did Harry buy Mia for Christmas?
  A.   a Chet Atkins CD
  B.   a chocolate rose
  C.   a gold heart necklace
  D.   a diamond bracelet

4. Daniel's wife requested that a certain song be played at her funeral? Who sang it?
  A.   The Bay City Rollers
  B.   Joni Mitchell
  C.   The Beatles
  D.   Billy Idol

5. With what did Colin fill his backpack for his trip to the U.S.?
  A.   breath mints
  B.   paperback novels
  C.   condoms
  D.   money

6. Why did Billy visit Joe at Christmas?
  A.   to bring him a gift
  B.   to fire him
  C.   to sing carols for him
  D.   to tell Joe he loved him

7. What holiday song did David and his driver sing for the three little girls?
  A.   Deck the Halls
  B.   Good King Wenceslas
  C.   The Holly and the Ivy
  D.   Silent Night

8. Harriet's sister hugged and kissed Tony in the airport. What was her name?
  A.   Betty
  B.   Carla
  C.   Mary Lou
  D.   Rhonda

9. What part was Karen and Harry's daughter assigned for the nativity play?
  A.   a camel
  B.   a donkey
  C.   first lobster
  D.   an octopus

10. What did Sam's sign say the very last time it was shown?
  A.   Merry Christmas!
  B.   I said- I'm not hungry!
  C.   Ringo rules!
  D.   Whatever.®   

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