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Trivia Quiz - Charles Ponzi- Con Artist

How much do you know about the most famous con man in history?

Quiz Number: 5099
Date Submitted: July 29, 2013
Quiz Categories: Crime & Law
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Charles Ponzi

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Charles Ponzi Con Artist

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1. In what country was Charles Ponzi born?
  A.   Greece
  B.   Poland
  C.   Italy
  D.   Yugoslavia

2. Ponzi came to America in 1903 with how much money to his name?
  A.   None
  B.   $2.50
  C.   $5.00
  D.   $8.00

3. What was the origin of Ponzi's scheme?
  A.   Bank investments
  B.   Fake gold mines
  C.   Real Estate investments
  D.   International Reply Coupons

4. What happened to Ponzi after he was released from prison in 1934?
  A.   He was deported back to his home country
  B.   He was murdered by a jilted investor
  C.   He moved west and opened a bank
  D.   He became a dentist

5. Before his elaborate scheme, Ponzi worked at what other profession?
  A.   Postal Worker
  B.   Bank Teller
  C.   Waiter and Dishwasher
  D.   All of the above

6. Charles Ponzi spent three years in a Canadian prison for what crime?
  A.   Check Forgery
  B.   Mail Fraud
  C.   Theft
  D.   All of the above

7. What is the name of Ponzi's autobiography?
  A.   Charles Ponzi: Dreamin' and Schemin'
  B.   Living The American Scheme
  C.   The Rise of Mr. Ponzi
  D.   The Rise and Fall of Charles Ponzi

8. Charles Ponzi spent time in U. S. prisons for which of the following crimes?
  A.   Forgery
  B.   Mail Fraud
  C.   Larceny
  D.   All of the above

9. Charles Ponzi served how many separate prison terms during his lifetime?
  A.   7
  B.   5
  C.   3
  D.   2

10. Ponzi had the biggest scheme in American history until surpassed by whom in 2008?
  A.   Joseph Weil
  B.   Soapy Smith
  C.   Frank Abagnale
  D.   Bernard Madoff®   

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