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Trivia Quiz - George Bernard Shaw

A quiz on the man whose plays have influenced the western stage and cinema.

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Date Submitted: May 09, 2013
Quiz Categories: British Authors, Literature
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: George B Shaw

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George Bernard Shaw
(Image Source: Public Domain Photo of George Bernard Shaw)

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1. George Bernard Shaw was born in which country on July 26, 1856?
  A.   England
  B.   Wales
  C.   Ireland
  D.   Scotland

2. At what age did Shaw marry?
  A.   19
  B.   42
  C.   51
  D.   59

3. Which of the following plays by Shaw was used as the basis for the film "My Fair Lady"?
  A.   Major Barbara
  B.   Saint Joan
  C.   Heartbreak House
  D.   Pygmalion

4. Which of the following is not true of George Bernard Shaw?
  A.   His chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce once crashed wth Shaw and Laurence Olivier as passengers.
  B.   He was a vegetarian.
  C.   He was an advocate of spelling reform.
  D.   He was an admirer of Hitler and Mussolini

5. Which writer said of Shaw, "He hasn't an enemy in the world, and none of his friends like him"?
  A.   Oscar Wilde
  B.   H. G. Wells
  C.   Saki
  D.   G. K. Chesterton

6. Which of Shaw's plays has the Don Juan legend as its underlying theme?
  A.   Anthony and Cleopatra
  B.   Man and Superman
  C.   Candida
  D.   The Devil's Disciple

7. Which nationality did George Bernard Shaw describe as "...99 per cent an idiot"?
  A.   American
  B.   English
  C.   French
  D.   Irish

8. Shaw lived to the age of 94. Which of the following health precautions did he not adopt?
  A.   Never drank spirits, tea or coffee
  B.   Used coffee enemas
  C.   Sang every night before retiring
  D.   Ate grapefruit for breakfast

9. Which fellow writer caustically said of Shaw, "(his) work makes me admire the magnificent tolerance and broadmindedness of the English"?
  A.   Hilaire Belloc
  B.   W. H. Auden
  C.   Edgar Allan Poe
  D.   James Joyce

10. From what cause did Shaw die in 1950?
  A.   Suffered a heart attack and drowned on a long distance swim.
  B.   He fell out of a tree
  C.   He caught pneumonia while ice swimming
  D.   Suffered a stroke in a sauna®   

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