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Trivia Quiz - Abraham Lincoln - Personal Questions

Ten questions on the personal life of Abraham Lincoln, a very public man.

Quiz Number: 5055
Date Submitted: May 03, 2013
Quiz Categories: American History, American Presidents
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln  Personal Questions
(Image Source: Abraham Lincoln @ The White House)

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1. What previously undiagnosed condition is Abraham Lincoln thought to have had?
  A.   Diabetes
  B.   Bipolar Syndrome
  C.   Marfan's Syndrome
  D.   Tourette's Syndrome

2. In which decade of his life did Abraham Lincoln grow his now familiar beard?
  A.   Twenties
  B.   Thirties
  C.   Forties
  D.   Fifties

3. What color were Lincoln's eyes?
  A.   Grey
  B.   Brown
  C.   Hazel
  D.   Blue

4. How tall was Abraham Lincoln?
  A.   Six feet two inches
  B.   Six feet four inches
  C.   Six feet five inches
  D.   Six feet six inches

5. Which of Lincoln's four sons was named after Lincoln's father?
  A.   Robert
  B.   Edward
  C.   William
  D.   Thomas

6. The Lincolns owned a yellow mongrel dog with what name?
  A.   Butch
  B.   Spot
  C.   Duke
  D.   Fido

7. What farmyard animals did the Lincolns own as pets?
  A.   goats
  B.   ducks
  C.   cows
  D.   geese

8. On what did Lincoln first write his most famous speech, the Gettysburg Address?
  A.   The inside flap of his Bible
  B.   Presidential letterhead
  C.   The wedding card from his wife
  D.   The back of an envelope

9. What did Abraham Lincoln hold at the White House?
  A.   Bible classes
  B.   seances
  C.   Barbershop quartet performances
  D.   stud poker evenings

10. Which of the following professions did Abraham Lincoln not do before becoming President?
  A.   Flatboatman
  B.   Storekeeper
  C.   Lawyer
  D.   Blacksmith®   

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