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Trivia Quiz - Latin Lives!

Even though Latin is a "dead" language, it survives in English in many ways. See if you can find the original meaning of the following Latin phrases which are in everyday use.

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Date Submitted: April 25, 2013
Quiz Categories: Culture, Grammar & Vocabulary
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Latin Lives

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1. 'Per capita' is often used in statistics. What does it mean?
  A.   Of the population
  B.   For the money
  C.   By the head
  D.   Each person

2. 'Mea culpa' is usually used by someone who literally wants to say........?
  A.   My fault
  B.   I'm guilty
  C.   I'm sorry
  D.   Please forgive me

3. What does 'magnum opus' literally mean?
  A.   Magnificent opera
  B.   Gigantic bottle
  C.   Fine view
  D.   Great work

4. Professors and ex-popes are given the title 'emeritus' which means?
  A.   Distinguished
  B.   Retired but still contributing
  C.   Elderly and loved
  D.   Earned discharge through service

5. 'Carpe diem' became well-known via "The Dead Poets' Society". The phrase literally means..?
  A.   Seize the day
  B.   Pluck the day
  C.   Make the day
  D.   Embrace the day

6. Many people refer to their 'alma mater'. What is its literal meaning?
  A.   Beloved institution
  B.   Nourishing mother
  C.   School or college
  D.   All for the mother

7. What does the term 'bona fide' literally mean?
  A.   In good faith
  B.   Everything correct
  C.   Without fault
  D.   Truthful in every respect

8. 'In loco parentis' means what?
  A.   Legally responsible
  B.   Mad mother
  C.   In place of a parent
  D.   Parental abandonment

9. Lawyers sometimes work 'pro bono' which literally means?
  A.   Public defender
  B.   On behalf of the good
  C.   Charity
  D.   No payment without winning

10. Many things and events have been described 'ad nauseum'. This literally means...?
  A.   Boring to death
  B.   Over-selling
  C.   To sickness
  D.   Via monotony®   

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