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Trivia Quiz - Indiana Men's Basketball Facts & History

How much do you know about "Hoosier Hysteria"? Trivia about Indiana basketball players, coaches and draft picks.

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Date Submitted: February 18, 2013
Quiz Categories: Big Ten Men's Basketball
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Indiana Mens Basketball Facts  History
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1. What athletic conference does Indiana play in?
  A.   Big 12
  B.   ACC
  C.   Big 10
  D.   SEC

2. Where does Indiana play their home games?
  A.   Butler Fieldhouse
  B.   Assembly Hall
  C.   Canseco Fieldhouse
  D.   Market Square Arena

3. Indiana won their first National Title under what Head Coach?
  A.   Dan Dakich
  B.   Bobby Knight
  C.   Mike Davis
  D.   Branch McCracken

4. In 1976, Indiana became the last team to do what as of 2013?
  A.   Finish the season undefeated as National Champions
  B.   Win back to back National Championships
  C.   Win a National Championship from a field of 32 teams
  D.   Be stripped of the National Title

5. What are Indiana's school colors?
  A.   Red and White
  B.   Maroon and White
  C.   Cream and Crimson
  D.   Red and Cream

6. In 1917, Indiana became the first team to use what?
  A.   Glass backboards
  B.   Free throw line
  C.   Three point line
  D.   Half court line

7. What Head Coach replaced legendary Indiana coach Bob Knight?
  A.   Dan Dakich
  B.   Kelvin Sampson
  C.   Tom Crean
  D.   Mike Davis

8. Who was the first Indiana men's basketball Head Coach to attain 100 career wins with the university?
  A.   Branch McCracken
  B.   Everett Dean
  C.   Bobby Knight
  D.   Mike Davis

9. What is the name of Indiana University's fight song?
  A.   Indiana, Our Indiana
  B.   Our Indiana Home
  C.   Oh Indiana
  D.   Hail to the Hoosiers

10. What is the nickname for Indiana University?
  A.   Boilermakers
  B.   Bulldogs
  C.   Sycamores
  D.   Hoosiers®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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