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Trivia Quiz - 1973 in America

How much do you remember about life in the U. S. in 1973?

Quiz Number: 4954
Date Submitted: February 05, 2013
Quiz Categories: American History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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1973 in America

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1. Who was President of the United States in 1973?
  A.   Jimmy Carter
  B.   Gerald Ford
  C.   Richard Nixon
  D.   Dwight D. Eisenhower

2. How much was the average price of a gallon of gas in the United States during 1973?
  A.   .34 cents
  B.   .39 cents
  C.   .48 cents
  D.   .56 cents

3. How much was Minimum Wage in the United States during 1973?
  A.   $2.25
  B.   $2.10
  C.   $1.75
  D.   $1.60

4. What song was the first Billboard #1 hit of 1973?
  A.   Me and Mrs. Jones
  B.   Tie a Yellow Ribbon around the old Oak Tree
  C.   You're So Vain
  D.   Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

5. What was the most popular T.V show in America during 1973?
  A.   The Waltons
  B.   All in the Family
  C.   The Jeffersons
  D.   M* A* S* H*

6. What film won the Oscar for Best Film in 1973?
  A.   Saturday Night Fever
  B.   Scarface
  C.   The Godfather
  D.   The Sting

7. Who was Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1973?
  A.   John Sirica
  B.   Richard Nixon
  C.   Henry Kissinger
  D.   Elvis Presley

8. What American won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973?
  A.   Norman Borlaug
  B.   Nelson Rockefeller
  C.   Henry Kissinger
  D.   Jimmy Carter

9. Which car company first introduced airbags to the public in 1973?
  A.   Toyota
  B.   Ford
  C.   Chevy
  D.   Oldsmobile

10. Which of the following major events happened in 1973?
  A.   Roe vs. Wade
  B.   Skylab was launched
  C.   The U. S. ended their involvement in the Vietnam War
  D.   All of the Above®   

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