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Trivia Quiz - Hillary Clinton - Survivor and Achiever

Ten questions on one of the world's most powerful and charismatic women.

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Date Submitted: February 05, 2013
Quiz Categories: American History, World Leaders, Presidential First Ladies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton  Survivor and Achiever
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1. In what US state was Hillary Rodham born?
  A.   New York
  B.   Illinois
  C.   Massachusetts
  D.   Maryland

2. For which Republican politician did Hillary Clinton campaign in the 1960s?
  A.   Barry Goldwater
  B.   Richard Nixon
  C.   Ronald Reagan
  D.   John D Rockefeller

3. After marrying Bill Clinton and moving to Arkansas, Hillary Clinton worked for which law firm?
  A.   Lily Law Firm
  B.   Daisy Law Firm
  C.   Buttercup Law Firm
  D.   Rose Law Firm

4. While in Arkansas, Hillary and her husband made an investment in which project which would later come back to trouble them?
  A.   Blackwater
  B.   Whitewater
  C.   Bluewater
  D.   Redwater

5. Which Country and Western singer did Hillary Clinton refer to when once defending her husband?
  A.   Jeannie C Riley
  B.   Loretta Lynn
  C.   Tammy Wynette
  D.   Patsy Cline

6. During her eight years as First Lady, which of the following is not true of Hillary Clinton?
  A.   She was elected to the U S House of Representatives
  B.   She appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine
  C.   She was the first First Lady to hold a postgraduate degree
  D.   She was appointed by her husband to head health care reform

7. Which of the following statements is not true about Hillary Clinton's quest to become the Democrat nominee for President in 2008?
  A.   In the last three months of the campaign she won more votes and states than Barack Obama
  B.   Clinton's credibility was badly dented when her claims about being targetted by Syrian snipers were not true
  C.   Clinton finished less than 200 delegates behind the eventual winner, Barack Obama
  D.   She won the most primaries and votes by any woman in the history of the party

8. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has an impressive record of achievement. Which of the following is not true of her work in this role?
  A.   She has spoken out in favor of gay rights
  B.   She was the first former First Lady to be a member of cabinet
  C.   She suffered a brain anuerysm in 2012
  D.   She was the most widely travelled Secretary of State

9. What position does Hillary Clinton hold in the line of female Secretaries of State
  A.   First
  B.   Second
  C.   Third
  D.   Fourth

10. Which of the following quotes was not made by Hillary Clinton?
  A.   Every marriage is a mystery to me, even the one I'm in so I'm no expert.
  B.   The most difficult job in the world is not being President. It is being a parent.
  C.   Everyone has some dysfunction in their families.
  D.   I don't ask anyone else to live my life. I have enough trouble doing that.®   

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