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Trivia Quiz - Leopold and Loeb - Thrill Killers

Ten questions about two sick young men who in 1924, killed a 14 year old boy because they thought they could commit the perfect crime.

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Date Submitted: January 10, 2013
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Leopold and Loeb  Thrill Killers
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1. In which US city did the Bobbie Franks murder take place?
  A.   Philadelphia
  B.   Chicago
  C.   Baltimore
  D.   Pittsburgh

2. What were the respective ages of the two killers, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb?
  A.   18 & 17
  B.   21 & 20
  C.   19 & 18
  D.   23 & 25

3. After kidnapping and killing Bobbie Franks, what did Leopold and Loeb do to his body?
  A.   Stripped his body
  B.   Disfigured his face with hydrochloric acid
  C.   Placed his body in culvert hoping it would be washed away.
  D.   All the above

4. Far from being the "perfect crime", the two killers bungled their plans. What item belonging to Leopold was found near the body of Bobbie Franks?
  A.   handkerchief
  B.   reading glasses
  C.   fountain pen
  D.   hair comb

5. Which famous legal advocate was hired by the killers' families to represent them?
  A.   Oliver Wendell Holmes
  B.   William Jennings Bryan
  C.   Clarence Darrow
  D.   Felix Frankenfurter

6. Leopold and Loeb pleaded guilty to the murder. Which of the following was not cited as a mitigating circumstance?
  A.   Their sheltered lifestyles
  B.   Their young ages
  C.   Pressure of study at college
  D.   Diminished responsibility

7. Leopold's and Loeb's lawyer had the judge in tears with his oratory. How long did the summing-up argument take?
  A.   12 hours
  B.   14 hours
  C.   18 hours
  D.   20 hours

8. What sentence was given to Leopold and Loeb?
  A.   Death via the electric chair
  B.   Life plus 99 years
  C.   Life without parole
  D.   Death by hanging

9. What was the fate of Richard Loeb?
  A.   He cheated the hangman by committing suicide in his cell.
  B.   He was eventually released after 45 years and migrated to Brazil
  C.   He was hacked to death by fellow inmates.
  D.   He wanted to atone for his crime thus allowed his body to be used for medical experiments.

10. What became of Nathan Leopold?
  A.   He wanted to atone for his crime thus allowed his body to be used for medical experiments.
  B.   He tried to assist fellow prisoners by running the prison library and education classes.
  C.   He was eventually released after serving over 30 years.
  D.   All the above®   

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