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Trivia Quiz - NFL #1 Draft Pick Busts

Do you remember any of these NFL busts?

Quiz Number: 4922
Date Submitted: January 08, 2013
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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NFL 1 Draft Pick Busts

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1. This draft pick bombed after holding out for more money before even playing one NFL game after being drafted by the Raiders with the 1st pick of the 2007 Draft.
  A.   Jamarcus Russell
  B.   Ryan Leaf
  C.   Tim Couch
  D.   Levi Brown

2. This Running Back drafted #1 by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1995 tore a knee ligament on his 3rd carry of his first preseason game, finishing his career with 1, 144 rushing yards and 21 career touchdowns.
  A.   Rashaan Salaam
  B.   Ki- Jana Carter
  C.   Lawrence Phillips
  D.   Garrison Hearst

3. This Quarterback, drafted #1 by the Cleveland Browns in the 1999 NFL Draft had better luck at Kentucky after posting 67 Intercepctions and 64 Touchdowns in his 5 year NFL career.
  A.   David Carr
  B.   Ryan Leaf
  C.   Brady Quinn
  D.   Tim Couch

4. This Defensive End drafted #1 by the Browns in 2000 was consistenly hounded by injuries and had his career end after being struck in the eye by a referee's penalty flag.
  A.   Corey Simon
  B.   LaVar Arrington
  C.   Courtney Brown
  D.   Shaun Ellis

5. This Quarterback, drafted #1 by the Houston Texans threw 71 Intercepctions and 65 Touchdowns in his 5 year NFL career.
  A.   Tim Couch
  B.   Ryan Leaf
  C.   David Carr
  D.   Jason Garrett

6. This Defensive End, drafted #1 in 1973 by the Houston Oilers, never reached his potential and died at age 38 from heart failure due to steroid abuse.
  A.   John Matuszak
  B.   Len Matuszak
  C.   Lyle Alzado
  D.   Bruce Smith

7. This Running Back, drafted #1 in 1977 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was drafted ahead of Hall of Fame Running Back Tony Dorsett, even though his six year NFL career totaled only 3, 063 rushing yards.
  A.   Billy Sims
  B.   Ricky Bell
  C.   James Wilder
  D.   Louis Carter

8. This Defensive Tackle, drafted #1 in 1992 by the Indianapolis Colts, had countless injuries during his six year NFL career after blowing out his left knee nine games into his Rookie season.
  A.   Sean Gilbert
  B.   Marco Coleman
  C.   Brian Bosworth
  D.   Steve Emtman

9. Drafted #1 in 1979 by the Buffalo Bills, this Linebacker never played with the Bills, instead opting to play in the Canadian Football League with the Montreal Alouettes.
  A.   Al Harris
  B.   Barry Krauss
  C.   Rick Sanford
  D.   Tom Cousineau

10. This Defensive End from Notre Dame, selected #1 in 1972 by the Buffalo Bills, had his career cut short by a knee injury after leading the team in sacks his Rookie season.
  A.   Sherman White
  B.   Walt Patulski
  C.   Greg Sampson
  D.   Herb Orvis®   

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