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Trivia Quiz - The Assassination of Grigorii Rasputin

The facts and events behind the murder of the man nicknamed "The Mad Monk".

Quiz Number: 4915
Date Submitted: January 06, 2013
Quiz Categories: Russian History, Assassinations
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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The Assassination of Grigorii Rasputin

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1. How did Rasputin win favor at the court of Czar Nicholas II?
  A.   He used hypnosis on the Czar and Czarina.
  B.   His sexual magnetism attracted Czarina Alexandra
  C.   He was able to stem the bleeding of the Czar's hemophiliac son
  D.   His ability to to sway his many followers gave him political power.

2. In 1913 a group of outraged Russian Orthodox men and women planned to do what to Rasputin?
  A.   Expose him as a sexual predator to the royal court
  B.   Present a play based on his outrageous behaviour
  C.   Kidnap him
  D.   Castrate him

3. How many attempts were made on Rasputin's life before the final successful attempt?
  A.   1
  B.   4
  C.   6
  D.   8

4. The group which was successful in killing Rasputin in 1916 could be described as?
  A.   Communist sympathizers
  B.   Conservative patriots
  C.   Pro-German
  D.   Religious fanatics

5. The plotters intended to kill Rasputin with potassium cyanide laced in cakes and wine. Why didn't this work?
  A.   One of the plotters had accidentally used bicarbonate of soda
  B.   Rasputin was not hungry or thristy and did not partake of the poisoned food.
  C.   The poison was eaten and drunk accidentally by another person.
  D.   Rasputin had no stomach acid needed to make the poison react

6. What action did the killers next take to dispense with Rasputin?
  A.   Shooting
  B.   Stabbing
  C.   Beating
  D.   Strangling

7. Thought to be dead, Rasputin managed to grab his assailant and then staggered outside for what next to happen?
  A.   He was shot
  B.   He was stabbed
  C.   He was strangled
  D.   He was beaten

8. Just to make sure he was really dead, what was the next step taken by Rasputin's killers?
  A.   He was shot
  B.   He was stabbed
  C.   He was strangled
  D.   He was beaten

9. What did the assassin's do with Rasputin's body?
  A.   Dumped it at the gates of the royal palace
  B.   Put it on display as a warning to others
  C.   Dumped it in an icy river
  D.   Burnt it to remove any trace of Rasputin

10. What was the official verdict given for the death of Rasputin?
  A.   Drowning
  B.   Poisoning
  C.   Gunshot wounds
  D.   Strangulation®   

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