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Trivia Quiz - Kim Basinger- Actress/ Fashion Model

What do you know about the former Bond Girl?

Quiz Number: 4877
Date Submitted: December 18, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Kim Basinger

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Kim Basinger Actress Fashion Model
(Image Source: AskMen)

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1. Kim portrayed Bond Girl Domino Petachi in which James Bond movie?
  A.   Never Say Never Again
  B.   Diamonds Are Forever
  C.   Goldfinger
  D.   Moonraker

2. What was the name of Kim's character she played as the female lead in "Batman."
  A.   Dr. Chase Meridian
  B.   Barbara Gordon
  C.   Linda Page
  D.   Vicki Vale

3. During the early 1980's, Kim suffered from what phobia?
  A.   Arachnophobia - fear of spiders
  B.   Aerophobia - fear of flying
  C.   Agrophobia - fear of crowds
  D.   Acrophobia - fear of heights

4. Kim was married to which Baldwin brother from 1993- 2002?
  A.   Alec Baldwin
  B.   Billy Baldwin
  C.   Stephen Baldwin
  D.   Daniel Baldwin

5. Kim was suspended from her elementary school talent contest for doing what?
  A.   For not wearing a bra while performing on stage
  B.   For doing a provacative dance
  C.   For singing "My Pussy."
  D.   Stripping down to a bikini and singing "The Game of Love."

6. What did Kim study from age 3 to her mid teens?
  A.   Yoga
  B.   Ballet
  C.   Karate
  D.   Ball Room Dancing

7. Kim made her film debut in what 1981 movie?
  A.   Hard Country
  B.   Killjoy
  C.   Mother Lode
  D.   The Man Who Loved Women

8. Kim was the Shampoo Girl in early 1970's commercials for what shampoo company?
  A.   Prell
  B.   V05
  C.   Breck
  D.   Pert

9. Kim played a corpse in a music video for what rocker?
  A.   Rob Zombie
  B.   Tom Petty
  C.   Ozzy Osbourne
  D.   Marilyn Manson

10. Kim went to high school with what member of the "B- 52's"?
  A.   Keith Strickland
  B.   Fred Schneider
  C.   Kate Pierson
  D.   Ricky Wilson®   

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