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Trivia Quiz - Allan Pinkerton: Innovative Lawman

Great trivia quiz on the personal life and career of Allan Pinkerton, a man whose innovations are still being used today.

Quiz Number: 4866
Date Submitted: December 13, 2012
Quiz Categories: Old West Lawmen & Outlaws
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Allan Pinkerton

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Allan Pinkerton Innovative Lawman

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1. Allan created what law agency?
  A.   Chicago Police Department
  B.   Pinkerton National Detective Agency
  C.   Union Intelligence Service
  D.   Federal Bureau of Investigation

2. In 1849, Allan was appointed as the first detective in what US city?
  A.   Chicago
  B.   New York
  C.   Washington D.C.
  D.   Philadelphia

3. Allan created what investigative techniques that are still in use today?
  A.   Surveillance
  B.   Undercover Work
  C.   Fingerprinting
  D.   Both A and B

4. Allan foiled an assassination plot against which U.S. President?
  A.   Theodore Roosevelt
  B.   Ulysses S. Grant
  C.   Abraham Lincoln
  D.   Rutherford B. Hayes

5. For decades after his death, the word Pinkerton was a slang term for what?
  A.   Detective
  B.   Private Eye
  C.   Idiot
  D.   Inventor

6. Which country was Allan born in?
  A.   Canada
  B.   United States
  C.   Scotland
  D.   Germany

7. Allan's home in Dundee, Illinois was a famous stop for what?
  A.   The Underground Railroad
  B.   The Union Army
  C.   The Confederate Army
  D.   Presidents on their campaign

8. Allan's one regret was failing to track down outlaw Jesse James, a task he was hired to do by what company?
  A.   The Union Pacific Railroad
  B.   The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
  C.   Wells Cargo
  D.   The Railroad Express Companies

9. Allan died in Chicago on July 1, 1884 from what cause?
  A.   Heart attack
  B.   Gun shot
  C.   Gangrene
  D.   By hanging

10. At the time of his death, Allan was working on what system?
  A.   Finger printing
  B.   A system that would centralize all criminal identification records
  C.   DNA testing
  D.   Most wanted lists®   

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