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Trivia Quiz - Harry and Bess Truman - A Love Story

The constancy of the love between Harry and Bess Truman has become legendary in an age when many marriages don't last.

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Date Submitted: December 07, 2012
Quiz Categories: American History, American Presidents
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Author: grant228
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Harry and Bess Truman  A Love Story

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1. At what age did Harry Truman fall in love with the "golden haired" Bess Wallace?
  A.   6
  B.   13
  C.   16
  D.   19

2. What was Bess Wallace's assessment of the young Harry Truman?
  A.   She wanted nothing to do with the son of a farmer.
  B.   She was flattered by his ardent approach.
  C.   She was unimpressed by his bookish appearance.
  D.   She fell in love with him instantly.

3. What item did a young Harry Truman buy in an attempt to impress Bess Wallace?
  A.   Two-horse sulky
  B.   Three piece morning suit
  C.   A Stafford car
  D.   A baby grand piano

4. What option did Harry Truman employ in an attempt to see more of Bess Wallace?
  A.   He took up tennis, Bess's favourite sport.
  B.   He joined the high school football team as Bess attended all games.
  C.   He became an avid reader at the Independence library which Bess visited frequently.
  D.   He would visit relatives who lived across the street from the Wallaces.

5. When did Harry Truman first propose marriage to Bess Wallace?
  A.   When he turned 21 in 1905
  B.   In 1911
  C.   As a sixteen year old in high school
  D.   Upon his return from World War I in 1919

6. Why did Bess Truman often leave the White House and return home to Missouri?
  A.   She deplored the lack of privacy living in Washington.
  B.   She and Harry would have constant arguments over his political decisions.
  C.   She needed to care for her aged mother.
  D.   All the above

7. Which actress friend of the Trumans was joined by Bess Truman when she booed Strom Thurmond, an opponent of Truman's?
  A.   Lauren Bacall
  B.   Tallulah Bankhead
  C.   Gracie Allen
  D.   Barbara Stanwyck

8. What item did the Trumans break while living in the White House?
  A.   A portrait of George Washington
  B.   A crystal vase presented by King George VI
  C.   The slats on their bed
  D.   A complete set of champagne glasses

9. Approximately how many letters did Harry Truman write to Bess during their time together?
  A.   1300
  B.   2600
  C.   3900
  D.   5000

10. How long were Harry and Bess Truman married?
  A.   46 years
  B.   53 years
  C.   57 years
  D.   62 years®   

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