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Trivia Quiz - Lincoln County War of 1878

This is a pretty tough quiz on the events of the Lincoln County War which brought Billy the Kid to fame.

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Date Submitted: November 30, 2012
Quiz Categories: Old West Lawmen & Outlaws
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Lincoln County War of 1878

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1. The Lincoln County War was a war fought between two factions for control over what?
  A.   Cattle
  B.   Dry Goods Trade
  C.   Government Meat Contract
  D.   Land for New Railroad

2. Who was Sheriff of Lincoln County at the start of the war?
  A.   John Kinney
  B.   Pat Garrett
  C.   Sheriff William Brady
  D.   James Dolan

3. The Tunstall- McSween faction was supported by the Regulators. What faction was allied with Sheriff Brady and the Jesse Evans Gang?
  A.   Murphy- Dolan
  B.   Chisum- Brady
  C.   Murphy- Kinney
  D.   Brady- Kinney

4. What event spurred the start of the Lincoln County War?
  A.   The murder of Richard "Dick" Brewer
  B.   The hanging of John Chisum
  C.   The killing of Sheriff Brady
  D.   The murder of John Tunstall

5. Who was the original leader of the Regulators?
  A.   Richard "Dick" Brewer
  B.   Billy the Kid
  C.   John Tunstall
  D.   "Doc" Scurlock

6. Who killed Dick Brewer at "The Battle of Blazer's Mill?"
  A.   William McCloskey
  B.   "Brushy" Bill Roberts
  C.   Sheriff William Brady
  D.   "Buckshot" Roberts

7. The Regulators killed three people, including one of their own, in a shootout that was named what?
  A.   Gunfight at Fritz Ranch
  B.   The Blackwater Massacre
  C.   The Battle of Blazer's Mill
  D.   The Lincoln Massacre

8. Who was the Tunstall- McSween faction financed by?
  A.   Lawrence Murphy
  B.   William Kinney
  C.   John Chisum
  D.   James Dolan

9. The Lincoln County War climaxed with the battle of what?
  A.   Gunfight at Fritz Ranch
  B.   The Battle of Lincoln
  C.   The Battle of Blazer's Mill
  D.   The Blackwater Massacre

10. Unlike the movie "Young Guns", how many actual Regulators were there?
  A.   14
  B.   22
  C.   30
  D.   46®   

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