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Trivia Quiz - Billy the Kid

A great trivia quiz about the personal life and "career" of the legendary outlaw, Billy the Kid.

Quiz Number: 4845
Date Submitted: November 30, 2012
Quiz Categories: Old West Lawmen & Outlaws
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 62.9 percent
Times Taken: 547 times
Taken by Registered Users: 9
Quiz is about: Henry McCarty

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Billy the Kid

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1. Billy the Kid was also known by what other name?
  A.   William Henry McCarty Jr.
  B.   William H. Bonney
  C.   Henry Antrim
  D.   All of the Above

2. According to legend, how many men did Billy supposedly kill?
  A.   15
  B.   21
  C.   30
  D.   44

3. During the "Lincoln County War", Billy found himself as a lawman in a group called what?
  A.   The Boys of Lincoln County
  B.   Billy's Boys
  C.   The Regulators
  D.   The Protectors

4. Billy was killed by what sheriff on July 14, 1881?
  A.   Pat Garrett
  B.   William Brady
  C.   Wyatt Earp
  D.   Allan Pinkerton

5. A 2x3 Ferrotype (photo) of Billy sold at an auction in 2011 for how much?
  A.   $2.3 million dollars
  B.   $1.75 million dollars
  C.   $1.2 million dollars
  D.   $1 million dollars

6. At age 14, Billy's mother died from what cause?
  A.   Scarlet Fever
  B.   Indian raid
  C.   Tuberculosis
  D.   Trampled by horses

7. How old was Billy when he killed someone for the first time?
  A.   21
  B.   18
  C.   17
  D.   14

8. Where is Billy the Kid buried?
  A.   Santa Fe, New Mexico
  B.   Lincoln County, Nebraska
  C.   Tombstone, Arizona
  D.   Fort Sumner, New Mexico

9. Who claimed to be Billy the Kid in Hico, Texas in 1948?
  A.   "Buckshot" Roberts
  B.   John Miller
  C.   "Brushy" Bill Roberts
  D.   "Curly Bill" Brocius

10. What war did Billy fight in 1878 in the New Mexico Territory?
  A.   Lincoln County War
  B.   Dodge City Shootouts
  C.   Johnson County War
  D.   Spanish- American War®   

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