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Trivia Quiz - Famous Native Americans

How many famous Native Americans do you remember? Take the quiz and find out.

Quiz Number: 4842
Date Submitted: November 30, 2012
Quiz Categories: American History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Famous Native Americans

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1. This Apache is the most famous of the Apaches and became famous for his daring exploits and numerous escapes as a fierce leader during the Apache Wars against the United States and Mexican soldiers.
  A.   Sitting Bull
  B.   Cochise
  C.   Geronimo
  D.   Crazy Horse

2. This famous Sioux Medicine Man was the leader of the Sioux nation during the victory over General Custer and later joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
  A.   Sitting Bull
  B.   Red Cloud
  C.   Crazy Horse
  D.   Tecumseh

3. This Lakota led surprise attacks against General George Crook preventing him from joining General Custer at "The Battle of Little Big Horn."
  A.   Chief Bald Eagle
  B.   Sitting Bull
  C.   Cochise
  D.   Crazy Horse

4. This Shawnee sided with the Great Britain in the War of 1812 and was killed in the "Battle of Thames."
  A.   White Cloud
  B.   Tecumseh
  C.   Red Cloud
  D.   Cochise

5. After the Battle of Apache Pass, this Apache led numerous attacks while hiding with his warriors in the Dragoon Mountains.
  A.   Cochise
  B.   Crazy Horse
  C.   Geronimo
  D.   Black Hawk

6. This Mohawk/ Iroquois is perhaps the most famous Native American of all after persuading 5 tribes to join together to form the 5 Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy.
  A.   Sitting Bull
  B.   Geronimo
  C.   Sacajawea
  D.   Hiawatha

7. This Sauk was the fiercest and most powerful opponent of the English during the War of 1812 while fighting alongside the British.
  A.   Cochise
  B.   Black Hawk
  C.   Running Bear
  D.   Sitting Eagle

8. This famous Native American Shoshone traveled with Lewis and Clark on their expedition westward as a guide and interpreter.
  A.   Pocahontas
  B.   Cochise
  C.   Sacajawea
  D.   Tonto

9. This Virginia Indian married Englishman John Rolfe after saving the life of John Smith and is known for her association with the colony of Jamestown.
  A.   Blooming Flower
  B.   Sacajawea
  C.   Hiawatha
  D.   Pocahontas

10. This Lakota was the fiercest Sioux tribesman ever faced by the U.S. Military and led the most successful war ever waged by a Native American against the U.S. Military.
  A.   Geronimo
  B.   Red Cloud
  C.   Tecumseh
  D.   Crazy Horse®   

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