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Trivia Quiz - Marvin Harrison - Colts Great

How much do you know about Hall of Fame Wide Receiver and Indianapolis Colts great Marvin Harrison?

Quiz Number: 4751
Date Submitted: October 18, 2012
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Marvin Harrison

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Marvin Harrison  Colts Great

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1. What jersey number did Marvin wear with the Indianapolis Colts?
  A.   84
  B.   86
  C.   88
  D.   80

2. What NFL team drafted Marvin in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft?
  A.   Atlanta Falcons
  B.   Kansas City Chiefs
  C.   Miami Dolphins
  D.   Indianapolis Colts

3. Where did Marvin play collegiate football?
  A.   Maryland
  B.   Syracuse
  C.   Tennessee
  D.   Boston College

4. Marvin graduated college with a degree in what?
  A.   Marketing
  B.   Physical Education
  C.   Accounting
  D.   Business Law

5. During his Senior year in college, Marvin caught passes from what future NFL Quarterback?
  A.   Akili Smith
  B.   Cade McNown
  C.   Duante Culpepper
  D.   Donovan McNabb

6. In 2002, Marvin set an NFL Single Season Record by doing what?
  A.   Catching 25 Touchdown Passes in a Season.
  B.   Catching 143 Passes in a Season.
  C.   Catching a Touchdown Pass in every game.
  D.   Catching 2 or more Touchdowns in 10 consecutive games.

7. What NFL team did Marvin collect his 1,000th career reception against?
  A.   Jacksonville Jaguars
  B.   Tennessee Titans
  C.   New England Patriots
  D.   Miami Dolphins

8. Marvin became the first NFL player to do what?
  A.   Catch 10 Touchdown Passes in 2 consecutive seasons.
  B.   Catch a Touchdown Pass in every NFL game that he played in.
  C.   Have 1,600 yards receiving in 2 consecutive seasons
  D.   Catch a Touchdown Pass in every game of a season.

9. As of 2012, Marvin is the only Wide Receiver in NFL history to do what?
  A.   Start every game of his NFL Career.
  B.   Catching a Pass in every single NFL game that he played in.
  C.   Never miss a game during his NFL career.
  D.   Catch 5 passes in every game of a season.

10. Marvin finished his NFL Career with 128 career Touchdowns.What team did Marvin have the most Touchdowns (14) against?
  A.   Cleveland Browns
  B.   Cincinnati Bengals
  C.   Tennessee Titans
  D.   New England Patriots®   

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