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Trivia Quiz - Tony Dorsett-Dallas Hall of Famer

This is an easy quiz on former standout Running Back and Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett.

Quiz Number: 4685
Date Submitted: September 16, 2012
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Tony Dorsett

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Tony Dorsett Dallas Hall of Famer
(Image Source: Tony Dorsett public domain image)

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1. What jersey number did Tony wear during his NFL Career?
  A.   33
  B.   36
  C.   23
  D.   26

2. Where did Tony play his collegiate football?
  A.   Ohio State
  B.   Notre Dame
  C.   Pittsburgh
  D.   Michigan State

3. What team drafted Tony with the 2nd overall pick in the first round of the 1977 NFL Draft?
  A.   Miami Dolphins
  B.   Dallas Cowboys
  C.   Chicago Bears
  D.   Green Bay Packers

4. What team did Tony play his last NFL game for?
  A.   Philadelphia Eagles
  B.   Oakland Raiders
  C.   Dallas Cowboys
  D.   Denver Broncos

5. What was the longest Touchdown run of Tony's NFL Career?
  A.   93 Yards
  B.   95 Yards
  C.   99 Yards
  D.   100 Yards

6. Tony won the Heisman Trophy during what year of his college playing days?
  A.   As A Senior
  B.   As A Junior
  C.   As A Sophmore
  D.   As A Freshman

7. What state was Tony born in?
  A.   Ohio
  B.   Oklahoma
  C.   Texas
  D.   Pennsylvania

8. Tony became the first player in history to win a National Championship one year and do what the following year?
  A.   Win a Rushing Title
  B.   Win a Super Bowl
  C.   Win a Super Bowl MVP
  D.   Win a League MVP

9. Tony became the first Running Back in history to do what in college?
  A.   Rush for 6,000 yards
  B.   Rush for 2,000 yards in a season
  C.   Rush for 6 Touchdowns in a game
  D.   Total 1,000 yards both Rushing and Receiving

10. Who replaced Tony as starting Running Back for the Dallas Cowboys?
  A.   Bo Jackson
  B.   Emmitt Smith
  C.   Hershel Walker
  D.   Marcus Allen®   

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