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Trivia Quiz - Life is Hard in Prison

There is as much violence, criminal activity, drug abuse and danger in our prisons as there is in a typical crime ridden city. How much do you know about life in prison?

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Date Submitted: August 22, 2012
Quiz Categories: Crime & Law
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: KenKraska
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Life is Hard in Prison

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1. The most common way to die in prison is by what means?
  A.   stabbing
  B.   clubbing
  C.   strangulation
  D.   poison

2. What is a homemade edged weapon called in prison slang?
  A.   a pick
  B.   a shank
  C.   a gank
  D.   a stick

3. What survival technique do many inmates use to keep safe from violence while incarcerated?
  A.   Pay off the the guards.
  B.   Trade sexual favors to stronger inmates in exchange for protection.
  C.   Join a gang.
  D.   Ask for solitary confinement.

4. Until recently the Southern Michigan Prison at Jackson was what?
  A.   The physically largest prison in the world.
  B.   The safest prison in the US.
  C.   The deadliest prison in the US.
  D.   Has had no escapes for nearly 100 years.

5. The sheer volume of people that the US incarcerates is so large that private companies are now trying their hand at operating commercial for-profit prisons and jails. Which company listed below is not a commercially run prison company?
  A.   Wackenhut
  B.   Correction Corporation of America
  C.   The GEO Group
  D.   Pinkerton

6. Which of the following is the largest gang in US prisons?
  A.   MS-13
  B.   Aryan Brotherhood
  C.   La Nuestra Familia
  D.   Mexican Mafia

7. The most highly desired item smuggled into US prisons is what?
  A.   drugs
  B.   cigarettes/tobacco
  C.   pornography
  D.   cell phones

8. Between 2001 through 2007 how many inmates were killed in state prisons in the US?
  A.   156
  B.   288
  C.   356
  D.   Less than 100.

9. Women arrive at prison pregnant or become pregnant while incarcerated. How many babies are born to inmates in a typical year?
  A.   500
  B.   1000
  C.   2000
  D.   2500

10. What percentage of prisoners are locked up for drug/narcotics violations in American state prisons?
  A.   10%
  B.   20%
  C.   30%
  D.   50%®   

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