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Trivia Quiz - Olympic Games Potpourri

Ten questions on some of the trivia of the Olympic Games.

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Date Submitted: August 07, 2012
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Author: grant228
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Olympic Games Potpourri

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1. At which modern Olympics was the Olympic flame first used?
  A.   Rome - 1960
  B.   Melbourne - 1956
  C.   Berlin - 1936
  D.   Paris - 1924

2. Which Olympic Games featured women's track and field events for the first time?
  A.   Amsterdam - 1928
  B.   St Louis - 1904
  C.   Stockholm - 1912
  D.   Paris -1924

3. At which Olympics did US pentathlon and decathlon athlete Jim Thorpe win Olympic gold medals only to be stripped of them later when he was found to have played minor league professional baseball?
  A.   London - 1920
  B.   Los Angeles - 1932
  C.   St Louis - 1904
  D.   Stockholm - 1912

4. When the first Australian gold medal was won by Edwin Flack at the Athens Games in 1896, which country's national anthem was played?
  A.   Great Britain
  B.   Austria
  C.   New Zealand
  D.   USA

5. At which Olympics were the Olympic Flag and Oath first used?
  A.   Antwerp - 1920
  B.   Paris - 1924
  C.   Berlin - 1936
  D.   London - 1948

6. At which Olympics were the equestrian events held in Stockholm?
  A.   Tokyo - 1964
  B.   Rome - 1960
  C.   Helsinki- 1952
  D.   Melbourne - 1956

7. Which Olympic Games almost bankrupted the host city?
  A.   Montreal
  B.   Moscow
  C.   Munich
  D.   Mexico City

8. Which two countries have competed at every summer Olympics?
  A.   USA & Greece
  B.   Greece and Great Britain
  C.   Greece and Australia
  D.   Switzerland and France

9. How many modern Olympics were cancelled due to war?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

10. At which Olympics did Tommie Smith and John Carlos give the Black Power salute when receiving their medals?
  A.   Munich
  B.   Mexico City
  C.   Montreal
  D.   Moscow®   

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