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Trivia Quiz - Dick Tracy

This is a simple quiz on crime fighter Dick Tracy and his many enemies.

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Date Submitted: July 06, 2012
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons, Fiction Books, Adventure Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Dick Tracy
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1. Who created Dick Tracy?
  A.   Mike Curtis
  B.   Chester Gould
  C.   Joe Staton
  D.   Bob Kane

2. Which villain was the most popular among the public in the comic strip?
  A.   Count Gordon
  B.   Big Boy
  C.   Flattop Jones
  D.   "Stooge" Viller

3. After a very long courtship, Dick Tracy finally married whom?
  A.   Tess Trueheart
  B.   Kitty Kitten
  C.   Bonnie Braids
  D.   Sparkle Plenty

4. Dick Tracy fought against what type of crime?
  A.   Crooked Politicians
  B.   Spies
  C.   Terrorists
  D.   Organized Crime

5. What actor portrayed Dick Tracy in the movies from the 1930's to early 1940's?
  A.   Jay Wilson
  B.   Clayton Moore
  C.   Ralph Byrd
  D.   Van Williams

6. Who was Dick Tracy's superior?
  A.   Chief Brandon
  B.   Chief O'Hara
  C.   Chief Gordon
  D.   Chief Jameson

7. What actor portrayed Dick Tracy in the ABC TV series from 1950-1951?
  A.   Van Williams
  B.   Ralph Byrd
  C.   Clayton Moore
  D.   Johnny Steegal

8. What color was Dick Tracy's famous Hat and Trench coat?
  A.   Yellow
  B.   Brown
  C.   Gold
  D.   Black

9. What actor portrayed Dick Tracy in the 1990 film?
  A.   George Clooney
  B.   Johnny Depp
  C.   Warren Beatty
  D.   Tom Cruise

10. Who directed the 1990 Dick Tracy film?
  A.   Michael Moore
  B.   Francis Ford Coppola
  C.   Brian DePalma
  D.   Warren Beatty®   

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