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Trivia Quiz - Zorro

Here's an easy quiz on the Spanish hero, Zorro. What do you know about the famed swordsman? Didn't have room, but it's worth mentioning that Guy Williams starred as Zorro in an American action-adventure drama series in the late 1950s.

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Date Submitted: July 04, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movies, Literature, Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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1. What is Zorro's real name?
  A.   Jose Altuva
  B.   Don Diego De La Vega
  C.   Antonio Delgardo
  D.   Antonio De La Vega

2. Zorro resided in what Spanish colonial area?
  A.   California
  B.   Mexico City
  C.   Santa Fe
  D.   New Mexico

3. Zorro was a master swordsman but also excelled with what other weapon?
  A.   Lasso
  B.   His fist
  C.   Dagger
  D.   Bull Whip

4. Zorro was created in what year?
  A.   1926
  B.   1923
  C.   1919
  D.   1915

5. What was the name of Zorro's aide?
  A.   Ramone
  B.   Bernardo
  C.   Juan
  D.   Luis

6. During the 1920's, what actor played Zorro in the movies?
  A.   Clayton Moore
  B.   Van Williams
  C.   Errol Flynn
  D.   Douglas Fairbanks

7. What actor played Zorro in the 2005 movie, "Legend of Zorro"?
  A.   Ricardo Montalban
  B.   George Hamilton
  C.   Antonio Banderas
  D.   Ricky Martin

8. The name Zorro is Spanish for what word?
  A.   Fox
  B.   Black Knight
  C.   Hero
  D.   Sword Master

9. What was the name of Zorro's antagonist?
  A.   Captain Cortez
  B.   Lt. Barnabas
  C.   General Ramos
  D.   Captain Ramon

10. What was the name of Zorro's horse?
  A.   Tornado
  B.   Diablo
  C.   Epico
  D.   Commando®   

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