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Trivia Quiz - Greg Norman - Golfing Great

This is a quiz on former golfing great Greg Norman who is most remembered for his meltdown in the Masters'. Great Greg Norman trivia and facts!

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Date Submitted: June 24, 2012
Quiz Categories: Golf, TV Sportscasters
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Greg J Norman

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Greg Norman  Golfing Great
(Image Source: Greg Norman @ Random House)

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1. What was Greg's nickname on the PGA Tour?
  A.   The Golden Bear
  B.   The King
  C.   The Great White Shark
  D.   The Kid

2. Greg began playing golf at what age?
  A.   15
  B.   12
  C.   8
  D.   5

3. In what country was Greg born?
  A.   United States
  B.   Austraila
  C.   Canada
  D.   Europe

4. What event did Greg win for his first career PGA win?
  A.   The Bob Hope Classic
  B.   The Memorial
  C.   The PGA Championship
  D.   The Kemper Open

5. How many Masters' Championships has Greg won during his career?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   2
  D.   3

6. Greg only won 2 Majors during his career, with both wins being in the same Major. What was the only Major that Greg managed to win?
  A.   The PGA Championship
  B.   The Masters
  C.   The Open Championship
  D.   The U.S.Open

7. "The Masters Disaster" is known as one of the biggest chokes in golfing history, where on the final round of tournament play, Greg had a 6-stroke lead and ended up losing by 5 strokes to what golfer?
  A.   Chi Chi Rodriguez
  B.   Nick Faldo
  C.   Phil Mickelson
  D.   Fred Couples

8. Greg was once married to what former tennis great?
  A.   Steffi Graf
  B.   Mary Jo Fernandez
  C.   Tracy Austin
  D.   Chris Everett

9. What was the name of Greg's 2006 autobiography?
  A.   Greg Norman: My Game
  B.   The Disaster at the Masters
  C.   The Way of the Shark
  D.   Bitten by the Shark

10. What President fell down a flight of stairs in Greg Norman's home in 1997, tearing knee tendons that required surgery? HINT:He was President at the time.
  A.   George W.Bush
  B.   Bill Clinton
  C.   George H.W.Bush
  D.   Jimmy Carter®   

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