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Trivia Quiz - Hitchcock Actors and Actresses in Multiple Roles

Alfred Hitchcock liked to use many stars in more than one film. Find the stars who played in multiple Hitchcock movies.

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Date Submitted: June 09, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movies, Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Alfred Hitchcock

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Hitchcock Actors and Actresses in Multiple Roles
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1. Which actress appeared in To Catch a Thief and Rear Window?
  A.   Doris Day
  B.   Grace Kelly
  C.   Tippi Hendren
  D.   Kim Novak

2. Which famed actress was in Under Capricorn and Notorious?
  A.   Marlene Dietrich
  B.   Vivien Leigh
  C.   Ingrid Bergman
  D.   Bette Davis

3. Which actor had roles in Rope and Strangers on a Train?
  A.   Farley Granger
  B.   Robert Walker
  C.   Leo Carroll
  D.   Cary Grant

4. Which actor played major parts in Rear Window and Vertigo?
  A.   Cary Grant
  B.   Anthony Perkins
  C.   Raymond Burr
  D.   James Stewart

5. Which actor played parts in Saboteur and Dial M for Murder?
  A.   Robert Cummings
  B.   Ray Milland
  C.   John Williams
  D.   Otto Kruger

6. Which blond actress appeared in The Birds and Marnie?
  A.   Kim Novak
  B.   Eva Marie Saint
  C.   Tippi Hendren
  D.   Marilyn Monroe

7. What well-known actor was in To Catch a Thief and North By Northwest?
  A.   Montgomery Cliff
  B.   Martin Landau
  C.   Alan Ladd
  D.   Cary Grant

8. Which 1930s actress appeared in The 39 Steps and Secret Agent?
  A.   Sylivia Sidney
  B.   Madeleine Carroll
  C.   Peggy Ashcroft
  D.   Margaret Lockwood

9. Which well-known character actor appeared in Rebecca and 19 years later in North By Northwest?
  A.   Nigel Bruce
  B.   Edward Platt
  C.   Martin Balsam
  D.   Leo G Carroll

10. Which veteran actor appeared in Shadow of a Doubt and Under Capricorn?
  A.   Gregory Peck
  B.   Joseph Cotten
  C.   George Sanders
  D.   Michael Redgrave®   

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