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Trivia Quiz - SCTV: Landmark Canadian Comedy

Some fun trivia for fans of the classic comedy series that inspired so many others.

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Date Submitted: June 06, 2012
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SCTV Landmark Canadian Comedy
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1. In what year did SCTV first hit the airwaves?
  A.   1975
  B.   1976
  C.   1980
  D.   1981

2. In what fictional Canadian city did SCTV broadcast out of?
  A.   Mirthburg
  B.   Mirthville
  C.   Melonville
  D.   Melonburg

3. Which of these original series performers was credited as being the Head Writer for the first two seasons?
  A.   John Candy
  B.   Eugene Levy
  C.   Harold Ramis
  D.   Dave Thomas

4. SCTV consisted of alumni from the Second City Comedy troupe in Toronto. In what U.S. city did this group originate?
  A.   New York
  B.   Los Angeles
  C.   Detroit
  D.   Chicago

5. Who were the original two female cast members?
  A.   Robin Duke and Catherine O'Hara
  B.   Catherine O'Hara and Jane Curtin
  C.   Robin Duke and Andrea Martin
  D.   Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara

6. 'Guy Caballero' was the station owner who rode in a wheelchair to get respect. Which performer played him?
  A.   Dave Thomas
  B.   Joe Flaherty
  C.   Eugene Levy
  D.   Martin Short

7. Which cast members played Bob and Doug McKenzie, the beer guzzling, back-bacon grilling Canadian icons?
  A.   Rick Moranis and Martin Short
  B.   Eugene Levy and Rick Moranis
  C.   Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis
  D.   Joe Flaherty and Dave Thomas

8. One of the original cast members, from Newmarket, Ontario, went on to star in such films as Uncle Buck, Stripes, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Who was he?
  A.   Rick Moranis
  B.   John Candy
  C.   Dave Thomas
  D.   Martin Short

9. Which SCTV performer went on to become a cast member of Saturday Night Live and took his beloved character 'Ed Grimley' with him?
  A.   Martin Short
  B.   Jon Lovitz
  C.   Eugene Levy
  D.   John Candy

10. Which of these artists did NOT appear on SCTV as a musical guest?
  A.   Tony Bennett
  B.   The Boomtown Rats
  C.   Anne Murray
  D.   Ian Thomas®   

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