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Trivia Quiz - ESPN Sports Anchors and Reporters

This is a tough quiz on the Sports Anchors, Analysts, and Reporters for ESPN, the best sports channel in the history of TV. I'll describe the ESPN reporter and you tell me who it is.

Quiz Number: 4459
Date Submitted: May 05, 2012
Quiz Categories: Sports, TV Sportscasters
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 60 percent
Times Taken: 29 times
Taken by Registered Users: 1

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ESPN Sports Anchors and Reporters
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1. This Sports Anchor has been with ESPN since it first aired in 1979 and is known for his catch phrases, player nicknames, and as "The Swami"?
  A.   Dan Patrick
  B.   Chris Berman
  C.   Stuart Scott
  D.   Kenny Mayne

2. This Sports Anchor has a Holla column in ESPN the Magazine, his catch phrase is "Boo-Yah", and he received an eye injury doing a special at the N.Y.Jets mini-camp?
  A.   Mike Tirico
  B.   Trey Wingo
  C.   Dan Patrick
  D.   Stuart Scott

3. This Sports Anchor was the first female anchor on a national radio network and with ABC?
  A.   Linda Cohn
  B.   Cheryl Miller
  C.   Hannah Storm
  D.   Michelle Beadle

4. This Sorts Anchor was a former occasional wrestler and ring commentater for WWE.
  A.   Trey Wingo
  B.   Chris Meyers
  C.   Jonathan Coachman
  D.   Dan Patrick

5. This Sports Anchor was ahead of quarterback Randall Cunningham on the Nevada depth chart and was the 1st contestant eliminated on the 2nd season of "Dancing with the Stars."
  A.   Kenny Mayne
  B.   Stuart Scott
  C.   Trey Wingo
  D.   Rick Tirico

6. This Sports Anchor is best known for being the host of NFL Live and also host's "Who's #1" and "NFL Prime Time."
  A.   Dan Patrick
  B.   Chris Berman
  C.   Trey Wingo
  D.   Keith Olberman

7. This Sports Anchor started the popular phrase "En Fuego" and was paired with fellow anchor Keith Olberman.
  A.   Linda Cohn
  B.   Jonathon Coachman
  C.   Chris Meyers
  D.   Dan Patrick

8. This former Sports Anchor was the Host of NFL Today from 1990 to 1993, currently covers March Madness, and has a brother in the same profession.
  A.   Al Michaels
  B.   Greg Gumbel
  C.   Bob Costas
  D.   Bryant Gumbel

9. This former Sports Anchor host's Showtime's "Inside Nascar" and was nationally criticized for his remarks about Hurricane Katrina.
  A.   Kenny Mayne
  B.   Trey Wingo
  C.   Chris Meyers
  D.   Mike Tirico

10. This former Sports Anchor was paired with Dan Patrick, was criticized for calling ESPN the Big Show and left to do his own show.
  A.   Kenny Mayne
  B.   Keith Olberman
  C.   Chris Meyers
  D.   Jim Rome®   

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