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Trivia Quiz - Blackbeard: Notorious 18th Century Pirate

Ahoy Matey! A few notes about one of the most infamous pirates to sail the seas. Trivia about the personal life and "career" of Blackbeard here!

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Date Submitted: April 27, 2012
Quiz Categories: Crime & Law
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
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Quiz is about: Edward Teach

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Blackbeard Notorious 18th Century Pirate
(Image Source: Blackbeard Public Domain Image)

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1. What was Blackbeard's historically accepted real name?
  A.   Edward Windsor
  B.   Edward Teach
  C.   Charles Tupper
  D.   Franklin Tupper

2. Blackbeard was born circa 1680. What was the date of his death?
  A.   October 10, 1716
  B.   September 25, 1717
  C.   December 7, 1718
  D.   November 22, 1718

3. During his early career, Blackbeard sailed alongside what other well known pirate of the era?
  A.   Jack Rackham
  B.   Stede Bonnet
  C.   Bart Roberts
  D.   Henry Morgan

4. At the height of Blackbeard's career, his flagship was a large merchant vessel armed with 40 cannons. What was its name?
  A.   The Black Pearl
  B.   The White Pearl
  C.   Queen Anne's Revenge
  D.   Queen Anne's Delight

5. Blackbeard's home base was a pirate haven in New Providence. On which Caribbean island was that located?
  A.   Cuba
  B.   Bahamas
  C.   Jamaica
  D.   Barbados

6. Blackbeard's fleet boldly blockaded a large, U.S. port in the spring of 1718. Which settlement was it?
  A.   Charleston, South Carolina
  B.   St. Augustine, Florida
  C.   Norfolk, Virginia
  D.   Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7. What was the name of the Royal Navy officer who finally caught and killed Blackbeard?
  A.   Capt. Robert Hampstead
  B.   Capt. Robert Pike
  C.   Lt. Robert Maynard
  D.   Lt. Robert Frost

8. What was the name of the ship that this officer commanded when he trapped Blackbeard?
  A.   HMS Thunder
  B.   HMS Bounty
  C.   HMS Ranger
  D.   HMS Jane

9. In what year was the wreck of Blackbeard's flagship discovered off the coast of North Carolina?
  A.   1992
  B.   1997
  C.   2001
  D.   2003

10. The actor Ian McShane plays Blackbeard in the latest 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film. What other series did he star in?
  A.   Six Feet Under
  B.   Rescue Me
  C.   Hell on Wheels
  D.   Deadwood®   

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