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Trivia Quiz - Famous Dogs of History - Part II

A tough quiz on some of the less well-known canines from the past. We've got trivia about some famous dogs in history, both fictional and real!

Quiz Number: 4405
Date Submitted: April 11, 2012
Quiz Categories: History, Animals & Animal Study, Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 33.7 percent
Times Taken: 102 times
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Famous Dogs of History  Part II
(Image Source: Famous Dogs)

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1. What was the name of Isaac Newton's dog which accidentally destroyed a large amount of his master's work?
  A.   Diamond
  B.   Silver
  C.   Ebony
  D.   Goldie

2. What is the name of the three-headed dog that guards the gates to Hades?
  A.   Argos
  B.   Cerberus
  C.   Argo
  D.   Thracia

3. What was Elizabeth Barrett Browning's dog called?
  A.   Flash
  B.   Boz
  C.   Flush
  D.   Kaiser

4. What was the name of Charles Lamb's beloved pooch?
  A.   Bobby
  B.   Derby
  C.   Boris
  D.   Dash

5. Alexander Pope had a dog known by what name?
  A.   Bounce
  B.   Jump
  C.   Spring
  D.   Leap

6. The puppet, Punch was followed by a dog with what name?
  A.   Brutus
  B.   Toby
  C.   Bernard
  D.   Thomas

7. What was the name of Orion's dog which helped him hunt bears?
  A.   Theron
  B.   Omnemion
  C.   Arctophonos
  D.   Pelops

8. What was the name of Walter Scott's favourite black greyhound?
  A.   Macbeth
  B.   Othello
  C.   Romeo
  D.   Hamlet

9. What was the name of the St Bernard that reportedly rescued 41 people in Switzerland in the early 19th century?
  A.   Barry
  B.   Bobbie
  C.   Bernie
  D.   Boris

10. What was the name of Empress Josephine's pug?
  A.   Fame
  B.   Fortune
  C.   Faithful
  D.   Fussy®   

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