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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek Next Generation (Season Seven, Part B)

Are you a Star Trek Next Generation Trekkie? Take Part B of my Season 7 quiz!

Quiz Number: 4386
Date Submitted: March 27, 2012
Quiz Categories: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 70 percent
Times Taken: 17 times
Taken by Registered Users: 3

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Star Trek Next Generation (Season Seven Part B)
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1. In "Thine Own Self", Gia refers to Data as:
  A.   Garvin
  B.   Jayden
  C.   Skoran
  D.   Talar

2. What does Data do in the episode entitled. "Masks"?
  A.   starts hallucinating
  B.   exhibits multiple personalities
  C.   flies into a rage
  D.   takes an interest in Aztec culture

3. Where was the Enterprise was originally constructed?
  A.   China
  B.   Nara
  C.   Tomalak
  D.   Utopia Planitia

4. In "Genesis", Troi was transformed into:
  A.   an amphibian
  B.   a cat
  C.   a cave woman
  D.   a spider

5. In "Journey's End", Picard is told that his ancestors took part in a massacre of what people?
  A.   Cherokee
  B.   Lakota
  C.   Navajo
  D.   Pueblo

6. In "Bloodlines", Daimon Bok claims that Jason is:
  A.   Captain Picard's son
  B.   Dr. Crusher's cousin
  C.   Riker's son
  D.   Wesley's half-brother

7. In "Emergence", Data is practicing for a role in what play?
  A.   The Chalk Garden
  B.   A Christmas Carol
  C.   Oliver Twist
  D.   The Tempest

8. In "Preemptive Strike", the Cardassians armed their citizens with:
  A.   biogenic weapons
  B.   photon torpedos
  C.   stun guns
  D.   swords

9. In "All Good Things", Picard finds himself an old man in France. In what city was he?
  A.   Labarre
  B.   Lourdes
  C.   Paris
  D.   Toulouse

10. In "All Good Things", Picard discovers he has married and divorced whom?
  A.   Beverly Crusher
  B.   Deanna Troi
  C.   Guinan
  D.   Vash®   

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