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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek Next Generation (Season Six, Part 1)

Are you a Star Trek: Next Generation Trekkie? Take the Part 1 of my Season 6 quiz!

Quiz Number: 4368
Date Submitted: March 21, 2012
Quiz Categories: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 53.6 percent
Times Taken: 14 times
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Star Trek Next Generation (Season Six Part 1)
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1. In "Realm of Fear", the Enterprise is on its way to find what starship?
  A.   the Mariposa
  B.   the Stardust
  C.   the Wellington
  D.   the Yosemite

2. In "Relics", what does Captain Picard loan to Captain Scott?
  A.   a jacket
  B.   a copy of "A Tale of Two Cities"
  C.   his Ressikan flute
  D.   a shuttle from the Enterprise

3. In "Rascals", these four Enterprise crew members turn into kids:
  A.   Keiko, Miles, Guinan, and Troi
  B.   Picard, Guinan, Ro, and Keiko.
  C.   Riker, Crusher, Picard, and Ro
  D.   Troi, Guinan, Ro, and Worf

4. In "The Quality of Life", the Enterprise goes to a space station orbiting what planet:
  A.   Tanuga 4
  B.   Theta 8
  C.   Tyrus 7
  D.   Turkana 4

5. According to "Chain of Command (Part 1)", a metagenic weapon utilizes:
  A.   poisonous gases
  B.   genetically engineered viruses
  C.   lasers that break down the body at the molecular level
  D.   explosions that burst in multiple directions

6. In "Chain of Command, (Part 2)", how many lights does Gul Madred claim there are?
  A.   five
  B.   six
  C.   four
  D.   three

7. In "Ship in a Bottle", how many probes does Picard order to be launched toward the two planets?
  A.   eight
  B.   four
  C.   two
  D.   three

8. In "Aquiel", who was the last victim to be absorbed by the alien being?
  A.   La Forge
  B.   Aquiel Unari
  C.   Unari's dog
  D.   Worf

9. In "Face of the Enemy", who is the Romulan soldier who explains to Troi why she has been abducted?
  A.   N'vek
  B.   Pardek
  C.   Timicin
  D.   Yuta

10. In "Tapestry", Picard relives:
  A.   a battle with the Romulans
  B.   his fight with the Norsicans
  C.   a romance in Paris
  D.   his years at Starfleet Academy®   

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