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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek Next Generation (Season Three, Part B)

Are you a next generation Trekkie? Take Part B of my Season Three quiz!

Quiz Number: 4361
Date Submitted: March 19, 2012
Quiz Categories: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 66.7 percent
Times Taken: 9 times
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Star Trek Next Generation (Season Three Part B)
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1. In "A Matter of Perspective", Dr. Apgar was researching a form of energy called:
  A.   an Apgar pulse
  B.   a Harmon field
  C.   Kreiger waves
  D.   Lambda waves

2. In "The Sins of the Father", Worf declares, "It is a good day to _____, and the day is not over yet."
  A.   die
  B.   fight
  C.   kill
  D.   win

3. In "Allegiance", the Chalnoth's presence complicated matters in that:
  A.   he didn't believe in associating with those outside his race
  B.   he was at war with the peoples of all the other captives
  C.   he was unable to eat the food provided by their captors
  D.   he couldn't stand not being in charge

4. In "Captain's Holiday", Captain Picard and Vash went looking for:
  A.   a Horga'hn
  B.   Jamaharon
  C.   the Sacred Chalice of Rixx
  D.   the Tox Uthat

5. In "Tin Man", the "sentient spaceship's" name was:
  A.   Armus
  B.   Gomtuu
  C.   Jev
  D.   Krag

6. In "Hollow Pursuits", this substance caused a lot of problems on the Enterprise:
  A.   averdium
  B.   hytritium
  C.   invidium
  D.   trilanthium

7. In "Sarek", the illness from which Sarek suffered was known as:
  A.   Bendii Syndrome
  B.   Pentharan Disorder
  C.   Styris Syndrome
  D.   Thelusian Flu

8. According to Worf, it is the _____ that first speaks of love.
  A.   face
  B.   scent
  C.   breath
  D.   touch

9. In "The Most Toys", Data transported ______ to the Enterprise.
  A.   hitridium
  B.   trilithium
  C.   invidium
  D.   trilanthium

10. In "The Best of Both Worlds", how did the Borg capture Picard?
  A.   They took over the Enterprise.
  B.   They transported to the Enterprise and grabbed him.
  C.   They tricked him into boarding their ship.
  D.   They transported him from the bridge of the Enterprise to their ship when shields were down.®   

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