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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek Next Generation (Season Three, Part A)

Are you a Next Generation trekkie? Take part one of my Season Three quiz!

Quiz Number: 4360
Date Submitted: March 19, 2012
Quiz Categories: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 72.5 percent
Times Taken: 16 times
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Star Trek Next Generation (Season Three Part A)
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1. In "Ensigns of Command",whom does Picard choose to arbitrate between the Sheliak and the colonists?
  A.   the Antedians
  B.   the Grizzeli
  C.   the Husnak
  D.   the Talerians

2. In "Who Watches the Watchers", the Enterprise gets a distress call from what planet?
  A.   Malcoria 3
  B.   Melina 2
  C.   Minos
  D.   Mintaka 3

3. In "The Bonding", who leads the away team on the archaeological dig?
  A.   Data
  B.   La Forge
  C.   Picard
  D.   Worf

4. In "Booby Trap", a war between the __________________ resulted in their mutual extinction.
  A.   Husnak and Menthars
  B.   Menthars and Promellians
  C.   Promellians and Bajorans
  D.   Rutaans and Zakdorn

5. In "The Price", Troi finds herself romantically involved with a _____ named Devinoni Ral.
  A.   Chalnoth
  B.   Chrysallian
  C.   Edo
  D.   Mizarian

6. In "The Vengeance Factor", it was stated that the _____ clan had been slaughtered by Yuta's clan.
  A.   Chorgan
  B.   Gatherer
  C.   Lornack
  D.   Marouk

7. In "The Defector", Picard launches a probe into orbit around:
  A.   Moab 4
  B.   Mordan 4
  C.   Nelvana 3
  D.   Odet 9

8. In "The Hunted", Rogo Danar was able to elude and confuse the Enterprise crew because:
  A.   he hid inside an asteroid
  B.   he used a personal cloaking device
  C.   the Enterprise sensors didn't read him as a life form
  D.   he used a superior transport system

9. In "The High Ground", the Ansata terrorists utilized a type of transport which they called:
  A.   subliminal casting
  B.   dimensional shifting
  C.   intergalactic warping
  D.   subliminal shifting

10. According to "Q", it's difficult to work in a group when you're:
  A.   omnipotent
  B.   an outcast
  C.   perfect
  D.   so popular®   

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