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Trivia Quiz - Andre Agassi: A Tennis Great

Here's a quiz on one of tennis's all time greats, Andre Agassi. His spunk and rebel demeanor helped re-popularize the game of tennis.

Quiz Number: 4350
Date Submitted: March 10, 2012
Quiz Categories: Tennis
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Andre K Agassi

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Andre Agassi A Tennis Great
(Image Source: Andre Agassi @ ABC News)

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1. From 1997 to 1999, Andre was married to what famous actress?
  A.   Gwenyth Paltrow
  B.   Reese Witherspoon
  C.   Brooke Shields
  D.   Geena Davis

2. Agassi dropped out of high school in what grade?
  A.   9th
  B.   10th
  C.   11th
  D.   12th

3. Andre was forced to retire on September 3, 2006 due to what?
  A.   bad back
  B.   sciatica
  C.   bad knees
  D.   asthma

4. At age 9, Andre played a former football star in a game of tennis for $500. Who was it?
  A.   Walter Payton
  B.   Joe Namath
  C.   O.J.Simpson
  D.   Jim Brown

5. At what age did Andre Agassi turn pro?
  A.   12
  B.   15
  C.   16
  D.   18

6. The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation has raised millions for at-risk children in what American city?
  A.   San Jose
  B.   Phoenix
  C.   Las Vegas
  D.   Los Angeles

7. Andre won his only doubles championship of his career with Petr Korda. What tournament did they win?
  A.   Cincinnati Masters
  B.   U.S.Open
  C.   Wimbledon
  D.   Canadian Invitational

8. After his 1st divorce, Andre married what other tennis great?
  A.   Jennifer Capriatti
  B.   Monica Seles
  C.   Steffi Graf
  D.   Anna Kournikova

9. What was the name of Andre Agassi's autobiography?
  A.   Me and Pete
  B.   Open
  C.   Andre: Misunderstood
  D.   The Life of a Tennis Pro

10. Andre was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in what year?
  A.   2008
  B.   2009
  C.   2010
  D.   2011®   

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