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Trivia Quiz - Celebrities' Real Names: Part 15

Some more real celebs real names.

Quiz Number: 4276
Date Submitted: January 19, 2012
Quiz Categories: Celebrities' Real Names
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: patrickryan
Average Score: 66.2 percent
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Celebrities Real Names Part 15
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1. Henry John Deutschendorf:
  A.   John Henry - the steel driving man
  B.   John Denver
  C.   John Ritter
  D.   David Hasselhorf

2. Seth Ward:
  A.   Jon Stewart
  B.   Newt Gringrinch
  C.   John Wayne
  D.   Jimmy Dean

3. Mary Cathleen Collins:
  A.   Farah Fawcett
  B.   Bo Derek
  C.   Cindy Crawford
  D.   Sally Struthers

4. Merle Johnson, Jr.:
  A.   Brad Pitt
  B.   Troy Donahue
  C.   Tom Sellers
  D.   Tom Davidson

5. Issur Danielovitch Demsky:
  A.   Thomas Davidson
  B.   Steven Segal
  C.   Michael Douglas
  D.   Kirk Douglas

6. Robert Zimmerman:
  A.   Bob Dylan
  B.   Jim Morrison
  C.   Van Morrison
  D.   Ray Davies

7. Patsy Ann McClenny:
  A.   Morgan Fairchild
  B.   Cindy Crawford
  C.   Pam Anderson
  D.   Christine Brinkley

8. Leslie Lynch King, Jr.:
  A.   Richard Nixon
  B.   Newt Gringrinch
  C.   Gerald R. Ford
  D.   Ronald Reagan

9. Alicia Christian Foster:
  A.   Jodie Foster
  B.   Tatum O'Neil
  C.   Cindy Crawford
  D.   Christine Brinkley

10. Caryn Johnson:
  A.   Morgan Fairchild
  B.   Whoopi Goldberg
  C.   Boy George
  D.   Cindy Crawford®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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