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Trivia Quiz - American Presidential Elections

Presidential Trivia, some presidential election questions . . . from winners and losers to procedures per the US Constitution.

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Date Submitted: January 07, 2012
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American Presidential Elections
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1. The 12th Ammendment of the Constitution was implemented after the election of 1800. Why?
  A.   Jefferson and Burr had the same number of electoral votes as President.
  B.   Adams and Jefferson had the same number of electoral votes as President.
  C.   Burr, Jefferson, and Adams had the same number of electoral votes for President.
  D.   Everyone turned down the Vice Presidency.

2. The House of Representatives have selected the President once since the election of 1804. Who was the winner in that election?
  A.   John Quincy Adams, with 84 electoral votes of the 131 for a majority.
  B.   Martin Van Buren, with 41 electoral votes of the 131 for a majority.
  C.   Andrew Jackson, with 99 electoral votes of the 131 for a majority.
  D.   Jefferson, with 84 electoral votes of the 131 for a majority.

3. Which of the following presidents were elected by winning the electoral vote but not the popular vote?
  A.   John Quincy Adams
  B.   Rutherford B. Hayes
  C.   Benjamin Harrison
  D.   all of the above

4. Only one President was elected to non-consecutive terms. Who was it?
  A.   Teddy Roosevelt
  B.   Grover Cleveland
  C.   Franklin Roosevelt
  D.   John Q. Adams

5. For two years the nation was run by a president and a vice president who were not elected by the people. Who was the President?
  A.   Lyndon Johnson
  B.   Gerald Ford
  C.   Thomas Jefferson
  D.   Andrew Johnson

6. One President left the White House and, 9 years later, became the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Who was he?
  A.   Teddy Roosevelt
  B.   John Q. Adams
  C.   Martin Van Buren
  D.   William Howard Taft

7. Four Presidents were elected to the House of Representatives, the US Senate, Vice President, AND US President. John Tyler was the first; which of the men below is NOT one of them?
  A.   Andrew Johnson
  B.   Richard Nixon
  C.   Lyndon Johnson
  D.   Gerald Ford

8. What do these four Presidents have in common? Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy.
  A.   They were all left-handed.
  B.   They were all second sons.
  C.   There mothers were all staunch Catholics.
  D.   They were all assassinated.

9. Which of the Presidents below is NOT portrayed on paper currency?
  A.   John Adams
  B.   Abraham Lincoln
  C.   U.S. Grant
  D.   Andrew Jackson

10. Which President was the only one who was also the Speaker of the House?
  A.   James Madison
  B.   James Polk
  C.   John Q. Adams
  D.   Andrew Johnson®   

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