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Trivia Quiz - Top Grossing Films

This is simply a quiz about Top Grossing films in Movies.

Quiz Number: 4239
Date Submitted: January 05, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Top Grossing Films
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1. What was the first film to gross over $2 billion?
  A.   Titanic
  B.   Avatar
  C.   Armageddon
  D.   Forrest Gump

2. Which film was the highest grossing film ever for 12 years, before being replaced by Avatar?
  A.   Pirates of the Carribean
  B.   Armageddon
  C.   Titanic
  D.   Batman Returns

3. What was the highest grossing film of 2011?
  A.   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2
  B.   Transformers Dark of the Moon
  C.   Pirates of the Carribean-On Stranger Tides
  D.   Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn-Part 1

4. What film was the first to gross over one billion dollars?
  A.   Armageddon
  B.   Batman Returns
  C.   Toy Story
  D.   The Dark Knight

5. Which of the following animated films grossed the most revenue?
  A.   Cars
  B.   Toy Story 3
  C.   The Lion King
  D.   Shrek

6. Which Bruce Willis film was his highest grossing film coming in at #48 all time?
  A.   Die Hard
  B.   Armageddon
  C.   Sixth Sense
  D.   Die Hard 2

7. Which of the following animated films grossed the most money at the Box Office?
  A.   Shrek 2
  B.   Toy Story
  C.   Finding Nemo
  D.   The Lion King

8. Which of the following Tom Hanks movies generated the most money?
  A.   Forrest Gump
  B.   Cast Away
  C.   The Da Vinci Code
  D.   Apollo 13

9. Which of these following movies grossed the most money worldwide?
  A.   Spiderman
  B.   Jurassic Park
  C.   Star Wars
  D.   Alice in Wonderland

10. Which Shrek movie was the highest grossing?
  A.   Shrek
  B.   Shrek 2
  C.   Shrek the Third
  D.   Shrek Forever After®   

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