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Trivia Quiz - Shipwrecks: RMS Empress of Ireland

A Quiz about one of most horrible shipwrecks in modern history - with a greater loss of life than the RMS Titantic. The ship sank in an incredible 15 minutes, and is currently a dangerous sports dive attraction on the St. Lawrence River.

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Date Submitted: January 04, 2012
Quiz Categories: What Year Did It Happen?, British History, Canadian History
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Author: patrickryan
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Shipwrecks RMS Empress of Ireland
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1. The Empress of Ireland had a mishap in 1909, which she survived; what was the accident?
  A.   ran aground and or struck a sunken ship.
  B.   suffered a boiler explosion.
  C.   was struck by a Collier.
  D.   has a pipe rupture in the engine room, and almost sank.

2. Canadian Pacific Railroad and Steamships commissioned the RMS Empress of Ireland as part of the self-proclaimed:
  A.   Most Luxurious Transport in History.
  B.   The Safest Ship's in History.
  C.   World's Greatest Transportation System.
  D.   World's Most Entertaining Travel Device.

3. The Empress had a length of ____ feet, and a speed of _____ miles per hour.
  A.   470 / 21
  B.   570 / 21
  C.   470 / 31
  D.   570 / 31

4. What was the total passenger capacity of The Empress?
  A.   1280
  B.   1380
  C.   1480
  D.   1580

5. The Empress of Ireland departed Quebec City for Liverpool at 16:30 local time with 1,477 passengers and crew.
  A.   April 28, 1916
  B.   May 1, 1913
  C.   May 14, 1915
  D.   May 28, 1914

6. What was the weather like, as the Empress of Island traveled along the St. Lawrence River that night and the following morning?
  A.   Snow and sleet.
  B.   Heavy fog.
  C.   Clear and warm.
  D.   Rainy and warm

7. How long had Henry George Kendall been in command of the Empress of Ireland when he left for Liverpool, England?
  A.   Since the ship was commissioned (9 years)
  B.   Less than a month.
  C.   Two years to the day.
  D.   Thirteen weeks and thirteen days.

8. At 2:00 AM, the Empress of Ireland was involved in a collision with a Norwegian collier (SS Storstad); who hit whom?
  A.   The Storstad hit the Empress broadside.
  B.   No one knows for sure.
  C.   The Empress struck the Storstad in the stern at high speed.
  D.   The Storstad pushed the stern of the Empress into shoal water.

9. How many survived the frigid water after the RMS Empress of Ireland sank (in about 15 minutes)?
  A.   465 of the original 1477.
  B.   840 of the original 1477.
  C.   777 of the original 1477.
  D.   667 of the original 1477.

10. Frank "Lucky" Tower is said to have survived the sinking of the Empress of Ireland; what other famous shipwreck did he survive?
  A.   SS Titanic
  B.   SS Lusitania
  C.   SS Mary Celeste
  D.   Both the Titantic and the Lusitania®   

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