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Trivia Quiz - Left-Handers: Sinistra or Dexter?

Some trivia on left-handed folks!

Quiz Number: 4194
Date Submitted: December 16, 2011
Quiz Categories: Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Left Handers Sinistra or Dexter
(Image Source: Gerald Ford public domain photo)

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1. The Classical Latin era meaning of left has taken on the double meaning of __________ in English.
  A.   Lucky
  B.   Neutral
  C.   Sinister
  D.   Smiley

2. What date is International Left-Hander’s Day?
  A.   February 29th
  B.   March 15th - the Ides of March
  C.   August 13th
  D.   July 1st - the center of the year.

3. Which of the Presidents below was NOT a left-hander?
  A.   Barack Obama
  B.   Bill Clinton
  C.   James Garfield
  D.   George W. Bush

4. Left-handers may have the advantage in sports that involve two opponents facing each other, such as tennis, boxing, and baseball; one theory suggests that is true because:
  A.   lefties are just more agile because they use their left brain more.
  B.   lefties have better reflexes because of the neuron pathways on the right side of the brain.
  C.   right-handers are more common, so lefties get more practice against them than the righties.
  D.   it isn't true! It is a sinister deception.

5. Which of the following ancient folks was NOT left-handed?
  A.   Joan of Arc
  B.   Alexander the Great
  C.   King George III of England
  D.   Julius Caesar

6. About what percentage of the world is left-handed?
  A.   5%
  B.   10%
  C.   15%
  D.   20%

7. Twin children have a high frequency of:
  A.   left-handedness.
  B.   right-handedness.
  C.   left-handedness / right-handedness in the pair.
  D.   males that are right-handed and females that are left-handed.

8. What is the French word for "left"?
  A.   Gauche
  B.   Adroit
  C.   Maladroit
  D.   Bumbalina

9. When observing drinking habits, you are more likely to see:
  A.   a lefty alcoholic.
  B.   a righty alcoholic.
  C.   a lefty drinking frequently.
  D.   a righty drinking frequently.

10. Some tools are NOT designed typically for a southpaw - pick the one that is ambidexterous.
  A.   Scissors
  B.   Firearms
  C.   Boomerangs
  D.   The QWERTY board®   

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