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Trivia Quiz - Charles Darwin - Natural Selection Star

A quiz on the man whose ideas changed the way we think about humans and life in general.

Quiz Number: 4122
Date Submitted: October 12, 2011
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Scientists, British History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Charles R Darwin

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Charles Darwin  Natural Selection Star

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1. With which U S President did Charles Darwin share a birthdate?
  A.   Ulysses S Grant
  B.   Abraham Lincoln
  C.   Theodore Roosevelt
  D.   Andrew Jackson

2. Before deciding on the study of natural history, which of the following was not a chosen field of study of Charles Darwin's?
  A.   medicine
  B.   theology
  C.   anatomy
  D.   geology

3. What was the name of the ship on which Charles Darwin embarked on his five-year, round-the-world study tour?
  A.   H M S Investigator
  B.   H M S Discovery
  C.   H M S Beagle
  D.   H M S Dolphin

4. How many years elapsed between Charles Darwin's return from his voyage and the publication of his definitive work?
  A.   1 year
  B.   10 years
  C.   23 years
  D.   32 years

5. Which of the following terms was not part of the complete title of Charles Darwin's milestone work?
  A.   Natural selection
  B.   Origin of Species
  C.   Preservation of Favoured Races
  D.   Survival of the Fittest

6. Which related branch of Science, while supporting Darwin's theories, came after his hypothesis of natural selection?
  A.   genetics
  B.   geological eras
  C.   transmutation
  D.   biological diversity

7. Which of the following areas of study has not had Darwin's theory of natural selection applied to it?
  A.   sociology
  B.   political science
  C.   chemistry
  D.   economics

8. As a result of his hypothesis, what became of Charles Darwin's religious beliefs?
  A.   He became an atheist
  B.   His religious views were strengthened
  C.   He embraced polytheist beliefs
  D.   He became an agnostic

9. How many children did Darwin and his wife, Emma, have?
  A.   0
  B.   2
  C.   6
  D.   10

10. Charles Darwin died April 19, 1882. Where was he buried?
  A.   Westminster Abbey
  B.   St Paul's Cathedral
  C.   In the cemetery of his home town
  D.   In the grounds of the Royal Society®   

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