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Trivia Quiz - Vanderbilt Commodores Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Vanderbilt Commodores' football history!

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Date Submitted: September 16, 2011
Quiz Categories: SEC Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dave
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Vanderbilt Commodores Football History  Facts
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1. What is the name of the Vanderbilt Commodores' mascot?
  A.   Mr. C
  B.   Captain C
  C.   Vandy
  D.   Cat Man

2. What are the official team colors of the Vanderbilt Commodores?
  A.   silver and yellow
  B.   green and gold
  C.   black and blue
  D.   black and gold

3. What is the name of the Vanderbilt Commodores' fight song?
  A.   Hail Commodores!
  B.   Onward Commodores!
  C.   Dynamite!
  D.   Commodore War Hymn

4. What jersey number did Commodore quarterback Jay Cutler wear while playing for Vanderbilt?
  A.   6
  B.   18
  C.   19
  D.   25

5. What is the name of the Vanderbilt University football stadium?
  A.   VU Field
  B.   Memorial Stadium
  C.   Commodore Stadium
  D.   Vanderbilt Stadium

6. Who did Vanderbilt hire as their head football coach in 2014?
  A.   Derek Mason
  B.   Woody Widenhofer
  C.   James Franklin
  D.   Wayne Fontes

7. What Vanderbilt coach won the SEC Coach of the Year Award in 2008?
  A.   Rod Dowhower
  B.   Woody Widenhofer
  C.   Robbie Caldwell
  D.   Bobby Johnson

8. The 2006 season marked the first time Vanderbilt ever defeated a ranked opponent on the road. Who did they beat?
  A.   LSU Tigers
  B.   Georgia Bulldogs
  C.   Tennessee Volunteers
  D.   Auburn Tigers

9. In 2008, the Commodores made their first bowl appearance in 26 years playing in the Music City Bowl and defeated what team?
  A.   Miami Redhawks
  B.   Boston College Eagles
  C.   Ole Miss Rebels
  D.   Ohio State Buckeyes

10. What is the name of the Vanderbilt Commodores' marching band?
  A.   Pride of Vandy Marching Band
  B.   Spirit of Gold Marching Band
  C.   Dan McGugin Band
  D.   Marching Commodores®   

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