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Trivia Quiz - Richard Nixon: 37th U.S. President - Part 2

A quiz on a much maligned President: Richard M. Nixon.

Quiz Number: 4048
Date Submitted: September 06, 2011
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, World Leaders, Vietnam War
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: patrickryan
Average Score: 65 percent
Times Taken: 117 times
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Quiz is about: Richard M Nixon

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Richard Nixon 37th U.S. President  Part 2
(Image Source: Richard Nixon @ Wikipedia)

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1. Nixon's pursuit of the Alger Hiss Case established his reputation as a leading:
  A.   Nazi hunter
  B.   Anti-communist
  C.   Homophobe
  D.   Democrat

2. Nixon received a total of five national nominations from his party, a record he shares with whom?
  A.   George Washington
  B.   Hillary Clinton
  C.   Abe Lincoln
  D.   Franklin Roosevelt

3. Nixon's ground-breaking visit to what country in 1972 opened diplomatic relations between the two nations?
  A.   the USSR
  B.   Malaysia
  C.   the People's Republic of China
  D.   Vietnam

4. In 1972, Nixon initiated détente and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with what country in the same year?
  A.   Vietman
  B.   Iran
  C.   USSR
  D.   France

5. What party controlled Congress throughout Nixon's tenure as President?
  A.   Democratic
  B.   Republican
  C.   Democrat in the House, Republican in the Senate
  D.   Independent in the House, Democrat in the Senate

6. Nixon eliminated which Cabinet-level Department?
  A.   Department of Education
  B.   Department of War
  C.   Department of Anti-Communism
  D.   United States Post Office

7. For wich of the issues did Nixon support and sign legislation?
  A.   Clean Air Act of 1970
  B.   Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  C.   Clean Water Act of 1972
  D.   Both A and B

8. What was the significance of July 20, 1969 in the USA and the world?
  A.   Moon landing.
  B.   End of the Vietnam War.
  C.   Watergate Hotel break-ins.
  D.   Bobby Kennedy assassination.

9. Nixon implemented the Philadelphia Plan in 1970. What was it?
  A.   the first significant federal affirmative action program
  B.   a tactic to limit inter-city school integration
  C.   intended to promote white only schools
  D.   a plan to end the Department of Education

10. How did George McGovern, Nixon's opponent in the election of 1972, win his electoral votes?
  A.   District of Columbia and Massachusetts
  B.   1/2 the states and all the US Territories
  C.   Minnesota and New York
  D.   He won no states - Nixon won them all!®   

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