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Trivia Quiz - Leslie Richard Groves, Jr.

Unsong hero from WWII. Lieutenant General Leslie Richard Groves, Jr. (17 August 1896 – 13 July 1970) was a United States Army Corps of Engineers officer.

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Date Submitted: September 02, 2011
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Quiz is about: Leslie Groves

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Leslie Richard Groves Jr.
(Image Source: Leslie Richard Groves Public Domain Photo)

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1. In August 1941, Groves was given responsibility for the gigantic complex to house the War Department's 40,000 staff which would ultimately become:
  A.   Fort Benning
  B.   Fort Knox Gold Repository
  C.   Tennessee Valley Authority
  D.   The Pentagon

2. In September 1942, Groves took charge of one of the most expensive and secret projects of the war. What was the project?
  A.   Operation Overlord
  B.   Search for the Ark of the Covenant
  C.   The Manahattan Project
  D.   Project Bluebook

3. As part of Groves secret WWII project, sites were constructed in the US. Which was NOT one of them?
  A.   Los Alamos, New Mexico .
  B.   Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  C.   Cleveland, Ohio
  D.   Hanford, Washington

4. What was the purpose of Groves secret project?
  A.   Deceive the Germans into believing flying saucers were USA made machines.
  B.   Prepare for landing in France.
  C.   To train sea mammals to carry bombs.
  D.   To develope atomic weapons.

5. For what major company did Groves serve as Vice President after retiring from the US Army?
  A.   Westinghouse
  B.   General Electric
  C.   General Dynamics
  D.   Sperry Rand

6. What college did Groves attend, when trying to become accepted at the US Military Academy at West Point?
  A.   Harvard
  B.   Seattle Community College
  C.   MIT
  D.   UCLA Berkley

7. Who was Groves civilian counterpart during his famous WWII Project?
  A.   Al Einstein
  B.   Frank Roosevelt, Jr.
  C.   J. Robert Oppenheimer
  D.   Dwight D. Eisenhowser

8. The Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, met with General Groves on 30 January 1948 to evaluate his performance. How did Groves fare?
  A.   Eisenhower promoted Groves to Chief of Engineers.
  B.   Eisenhower congratulated Groves on the sucess of his major projects.
  C.   Eisenhower dressed Groves down for the failure of his important project.
  D.   Eisenhower made it clear that Groves would never become Chief of Engineers.

9. Groves was promoted to lieutenant general just before his retirement on 29 February 1948 in recognition of his leadership of the bomb program. By a special Act of Congress, his date of rank was backdated to 16 July 1945. What was the significance of the
  A.   Trinity nuclear test
  B.   Surrender of Japan
  C.   Surrender of Germany
  D.   Fatboy was dropped on Hiroshima

10. Groves presented General of the Army Douglas MacArthur the Sylvanus Thayer Award in 1962, in commemoration of what?
  A.   MacArthur's famous Duty, Honor, Country speech to the US Military Academy cadets
  B.   MacArthur's 90th birthday
  C.   MacArthur's retirement from the US Army
  D.   MacArthur's son graduation from West Point®   

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