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Trivia Quiz - Oklahoma Sooners Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Oklahoma Sooners' football history and Oklahoma Sooners' trivia!

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Date Submitted: September 01, 2011
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Author: phonerec
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Oklahoma Sooners Football History  Facts
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1. What is the name of the Oklahoma Sooners mascot?
  A.   Boomer Schooner
  B.   Boomer Wagon
  C.   Sooner Schooner
  D.   Sooner Wagon

2. What is the name of the Oklahoma Sooner fight song?
  A.   Boomer Sooner
  B.   Sooner Boomers
  C.   Hail to Oklahoma
  D.   Oklahoma Home of Mine

3. Who was OU's first Heisman Trophy Winner?
  A.   Billy Sims
  B.   Kurt Burris
  C.   Billy Vessels
  D.   Greg Pruitt

4. What rival do the Sooners OU play in the Red River Shootout?
  A.   Texas Longhorns
  B.   Oklahoma State Cowboys
  C.   Nebraska Cornhuskers
  D.   Kansas Jayhawks

5. Who does OU play in their Bedlam Rivalry?
  A.   Texas Longhorns
  B.   Kansas Jayhawks
  C.   Nebraska Cornhuskers
  D.   Oklahoma State Cowboys

6. Who was the first Sooner coach to win 100 games?
  A.   Barry Switzer
  B.   Charles B. "Bud" Wilkinson
  C.   Bennie Owen
  D.   Bob Stoops

7. OU was a charter member of what conference during its formation in 1914?
  A.   Big 10 Conference
  B.   Big 12 Conference
  C.   Southwest Conference
  D.   Pac 10 Conference

8. What are OU's school colors?
  A.   Crimson and Cream
  B.   Yellow and Black
  C.   Blue and Gold
  D.   Orange and White

9. What heavily-favored team did the Sooners beat in the 2001 BCS National Championship Game to claim the National Championship?
  A.   Ohio State Buckeyes
  B.   Florida Gators
  C.   USC Trojans
  D.   Florida State Seminoles

10. What is a Sooner?
  A.   People who claimed the land during the land rush too soon.
  B.   People who had sooner live in Oklahoma than anywhere else.
  C.   People who staked a claim when they got around to it.
  D.   No one is really sure.®   

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