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Trivia Quiz - 1940s Movie Potpourri

How much do you know about this classic period of movie-making?

Quiz Number: 4028
Date Submitted: September 01, 2011
Quiz Categories: Movies: By Decade
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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1940s Movie Potpourri
(Image Source: The Postman Always Rings Twice)

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1. What did the Maltese Falcon contain?
  A.   drugs
  B.   microfilm
  C.   gold
  D.   jewels

2. In "Bringing Up Baby", starring Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, what animal is Baby?
  A.   panther
  B.   tiger
  C.   leopard
  D.   cheetah

3. In "Casablanca" when Ilsa leaves Rick in France, where was he waiting for her?
  A.   Train station
  B.   Eiffel Tower
  C.   Calais
  D.   Airport

4. Which 1940s western was based around the last patrol of Nathan Cutting Brittles (played by John Wayne)?
  A.   Rio Grande
  B.   Fort Apache
  C.   Red River
  D.   She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

5. In "Citizen Kane" what was the fabled Rosebud?
  A.   The nickname of an old girlfriend
  B.   The name of an old house
  C.   The name of a toy sled
  D.   The name of a teddy bear

6. Which actor played the Wolf Man?
  A.   Bela Lugosi
  B.   Lon Chaney Jr
  C.   Boris Karloff
  D.   Vincent Price

7. In "Mrs Miniver," who played the star's husband?
  A.   Laurence Olivier
  B.   William Powell
  C.   James Stewart
  D.   Walter Pidgeon

8. In "Dumbo" which animal befriended Dumbo?
  A.   mouse
  B.   crow
  C.   rabbit
  D.   cricket

9. In "National Velvet" what was Velvet’s mother’s claim to fame?
  A.   She once sang for the King
  B.   She was awarded the George Cross in WWI
  C.   She swam the English Channel
  D.   She won a bronze medal at the London Olympics

10. Whose life story is depicted in the film "Yankee Doodle Dandy"?
  A.   George M Cohan
  B.   Irving Berlin
  C.   Fred Astaire
  D.   Eddie Foy®   

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