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Trivia Quiz - Kansas State Wildcats Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Kansas State Wildcats' football history and Kansas State Wildcats' trivia!

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Date Submitted: August 24, 2011
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Author: martha
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Kansas State Wildcats Football History  Facts
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1. What is the name of the Kansas State Wildcat mascot?
  A.   Wilbur the Wildcat
  B.   Wally the Wildcat
  C.   Warren the Wildcat
  D.   Willie the Wildcat

2. The annual football rivalry between Kansas State and Kansas is commonly known as what?
  A.   Sunflower Showdown
  B.   Kansas Kickoff
  C.   Wheat Bowl
  D.   Free State Showdown

3. To how many consecutive bowl appearances did Bill Snyder lead the Wildcats in his first tenure as head coach (1989-2005)?
  A.   8
  B.   9
  C.   10
  D.   11

4. In 1993, the Wildcats recorded their first bowl victory in team history. Against what team was it?
  A.   Wisconsin Badgers
  B.   Syracuse Orangemen
  C.   Wyoming Cowboys
  D.   Purdue Boilermakers

5. What are the official colors of the Kansas State Wildcats?
  A.   royal purple and white
  B.   blue and white
  C.   purple and silver
  D.   blue and silver

6. What is the name of the Kansas State fight song?
  A.   Fight Wildcats, Fight!
  B.   Wildcat Victory
  C.   Onward Cats!
  D.   Hail Wildcats!

7. Against what rival does Kansas State play an annual game commonly known as Farmageddon?
  A.   Iowa Hawkeyes
  B.   Iowa State Cyclones
  C.   Kansas Jayhawks
  D.   Oklahoma Sooners

8. Which of the following awards did head coach Bill Snyder win in 1998?
  A.   Walter Camp Coach of the Year
  B.   Paul "Bear" Bryant Award
  C.   Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award
  D.   all of the above

9. In 1998, K-State kicker Martin Gramatica set an NCAA record for the longest field goal. How many yards was the kick?
  A.   51 yards
  B.   58 yards
  C.   65 yards
  D.   70 yards

10. What is the name of the Kansas State Wildcat marching band?
  A.   Spirit of KSU
  B.   Marching Wildcats
  C.   The Pride Of Wildcat Land
  D.   Mighty Sound of K-State®   

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