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Trivia Quiz - Oklahoma State Cowboys Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of Oklahoma State Cowboys' football history and Oklahoma State Cowboys' trivia!

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Date Submitted: August 22, 2011
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Oklahoma State Cowboys Football History  Facts
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1. In what stadium did the Oklahoma State Cowboys start playing in 1920 (at the time known as the Oklahoma A&M Aggies)?
  A.   Cowboy Stadium
  B.   Memorial Stadium
  C.   Lewis Field
  D.   OSU Stadium

2. Who is the mascot of the Oklahoma State Cowboys?
  A.   Cowboy Pete
  B.   Cowboy Clem
  C.   Packin' Pete
  D.   Pistol Pete

3. OSU running back Barry Sanders was one of the greatest rushers of all time. What jersey number did he wear as a Cowboy?
  A.   20
  B.   21
  C.   22
  D.   23

4. With what team do the Cowboys plan their annual rivalry game called the Bedlam Series?
  A.   Texas Longhorns
  B.   Oklahoma Sooners
  C.   Kansas Jayhawks
  D.   Missouri Tigers

5. In what conference did the Cowboy football team compete from 1928–1956?
  A.   Missouri Valley Conference
  B.   Independent
  C.   Southwest Conference
  D.   Association of Mid-Continent Universities

6. What is the name of the Oklahoma State University fight song?
  A.   Hook 'em Cowboys
  B.   Ride 'em Cowboys
  C.   Victory Cowboys!
  D.   The Cowboy Song

7. What are the official colors of the Oklahoma State Cowboys?
  A.   green and silver
  B.   orange and black
  C.   magenta and black
  D.   orange and green

8. What NFL team drafted Thurman Thomas in 1988?
  A.   Minnesota Vikings
  B.   Detroit Lions
  C.   Miami Dolphins
  D.   Buffalo Bills

9. Who was the first OSU Cowboy coach to win 60 or more games?
  A.   Mike Gundy
  B.   Pat Jones
  C.   Jim Lookabaugh
  D.   Jim Stanley

10. Which of the following players was not a wide receiver to play under coach Mike Gundy?
  A.   Adarius Bowman
  B.   Dez Bryant
  C.   Justin Blackmon
  D.   Paschal Smith®   

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