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Trivia Quiz - Movies & Celebrities Mixed Bag

Mix Movies & Celebrities quiz.

Quiz Number: 3963
Date Submitted: June 19, 2011
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: EddieJoe
Average Score: 56.2 percent
Times Taken: 94 times
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Movies  Celebrities Mixed Bag
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1. What 1975 blockbuster sees Roy Scheider utter: "We need a bigger boat"?
  A.   Big Fish
  B.   20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  C.   Jaws
  D.   The Perfect Storm

2. What screen character has played opposite Maud Adams, Claudine Anger, Kim Basinger, Britt Eklund and Ursula Andress?
  A.   James Bond
  B.   Harry Callahan
  C.   The Green Hornet
  D.   Batman

3. What Adam Sandler comedy featured Bob Barker's screen debut?
  A.   The Waterboy
  B.   Mr. Deeds
  C.   Click
  D.   Happy Gilmore

4. Whose earnings increased from $150,000 for "Pulp Fiction" to $3.5 million for "Get Shorty" to $7 million for "Broken Arrow"?
  A.   Robin Williams
  B.   Matt Dillon
  C.   John Travolta
  D.   Bernie Mac

5. What statuesque actress earned a living by standing still in department store windows prior to her film debut in Tootsie?
  A.   Geena Davis
  B.   Jessica Lange
  C.   Teri Garr
  D.   Christine Ebersole

6. What movie's first victim was played by a skinny-dipping actress named Susan Backlinie?
  A.   Two-Minute Warning
  B.   A Stranger in My Forest
  C.   1941
  D.   Jaws

7. Who was the first female to direct a movie that raked in over $100 million?
  A.   Jennifer Aniston
  B.   Leslie Easterbrook
  C.   Penny Marshall
  D.   Cindy Williams

8. What movie has Bob Hoskins seething: "A toon killed my brother"?
  A.   101 Dalmatians
  B.   Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  C.   The Nightmare Before Christmas
  D.   The Incredibles

9. What movie gave Julie Andrews the chance to portray a man?
  A.   Tooth Fairy
  B.   The Sound of Music
  C.   Duet for One
  D.   Victor/Victoria

10. What 1996 movie was hyped with the line: "It Will Blow Audiences Right Out of the Theater"?
  A.   Twister
  B.   Earthquake
  C.   Deep Impact
  D.   Deluge®   

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