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Trivia Quiz - Housesitter

Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn star in this fun romantic comedy.

Quiz Number: 3874
Date Submitted: June 12, 2014
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 55.8 percent
Times Taken: 57 times
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1. The name of the restaurant where Gwen worked:
  A.   The Budapest
  B.   Carol's Place
  C.   Pat's Bistro
  D.   The Sahara

2. The town where Davis grew up:
  A.   Cline's Corner
  B.   Dobb's Mill
  C.   Redbud
  D.   Rose Hill

3. What was the name of Davis' boss?
  A.   Mr. Karol
  B.   Mr. Moseby
  C.   Mr. Sharpstein
  D.   Mr. Simpson

4. Why didn't Becky accept Davis' marriage proposal?
  A.   She was afraid of commitment
  B.   She didn't like his parents
  C.   She didn't want to marry a dreamer
  D.   She thought Davis didn't earn enough money

5. Gwen made up all of the following stories about Davis except:
  A.   he built her a treehouse up in the Boston Common
  B.   he married her without having ever seen her face
  C.   he paid her hospital bill
  D.   he proposed to her by having himself delivered to her in a gift box

6. Gwen made up a story about a trip she and Davis took to:
  A.   Acapulco
  B.   Fiji
  C.   Maui
  D.   Florida Keys

7. The address of the house that Davis built:
  A.   611 Hillside
  B.   116 Lakeside
  C.   161 Mallory
  D.   811 Redbud

8. Davis made up all of the following stories about Gwen except:
  A.   she cheated on him with her ex
  B.   her parents were divorced and they hated each other
  C.   she took tennis and scuba lessons for a short time
  D.   she was in the navy

9. Davis sang this song at the reception:
  A.   Danny Boy
  B.   The Water is Wide
  C.   Tu Ra Lu Ra
  D.   When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

10. Gwen said her father's name was:
  A.   Bernard
  B.   George
  C.   Newton
  D.   Ralph®   

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