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Trivia Quiz - Shaggy: Jamaican-American Reggae Singer

My quiz is about reggae artist Shaggy!

Quiz Number: 3867
Date Submitted: March 04, 2011
Quiz Categories: Reggae
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: LuvJamaica1
Average Score: 45 percent
Times Taken: 103 times
Taken by Registered Users: 3

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Shaggy Jamaican American Reggae Singer
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1. Who did reggae artist Shaggy feature on his song, "It Wasn't Me?"
  A.   Rayvon
  B.   Mavado
  C.   Wayne Wonder
  D.   Rik Rok

2. In what Jamaican city was Shaggy born?
  A.   Kingston
  B.   St. Elizabeth
  C.   St. Andrews
  D.   Mandeville

3. Shaggy's song, "Hey, Sexy Lady" (remix) features which of these artists?
  A.   Elephant Man
  B.   Bountikiller
  C.   Rayvon
  D.   Sean Paul

4. Complete the song lyric from the Shaggy song, "Hope." - "And it's hope..."
  A.   That keeps me holding on
  B.   That keeps me moving on
  C.   That keeps me pushing on
  D.   That keeps me carry on

5. How old was Shaggy when he moved from Jamaica?
  A.   21
  B.   19
  C.   18
  D.   17

6. Shaggy emigrated from Jamaica to what U.S. city?
  A.   Miami
  B.   New York City
  C.   Kansas City
  D.   Philadelphia

7. What is the name of Shaggy's first album?
  A.   Original Doberman
  B.   Pure Pleasure
  C.   Lucky Day
  D.   Hot Shot

8. When was Shaggy born?
  A.   April 25, 1970
  B.   July 12, 1972
  C.   December 17, 1963
  D.   October 22, 1968

9. What is Shaggy's real name?
  A.   Orville Richard Johnson
  B.   Orville Richard Spencer
  C.   Orville Richard Burrell
  D.   Orville Richard Brown

10. In what branch of the U.S. military did Shaggy serve?
  A.   Army
  B.   Navy
  C.   Marines
  D.   Air Force®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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